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How To Find Any Business in the Tims Ford Lake Area

How To Find Any Business in the Tims Ford Lake Area

How To Find Any Business In The 
Tims Ford Lake Area

We all like the idea of shopping local.  Helping our our local community retailers.  

But do you know all the companies in the area?  Do you know the non profits?   TimsFord411.com is the Ultimate Directory For the Area.  You should be able to find almost anything you want there.

Here's how to find any local business (some businesses have built out their profiles):


1) Go To TimsFord411.com

2) Find by Business Category

  • Once on the homepage, look for a search bar or a menu that categorizes businesses. To search for businesses within a certain category click 'Find Businesses or if you want to find a certain business use the Search Field

Find Businesses in the Tims Ford Lake AreaFind Businesses in the Tims Ford Lake Area

Here you'll see a list of categories to choose.  

Here you can choose either the specific category you're looking for (RED ARROW), or search for a specific category in the Filter Category field by typing a word (BLUE ARROW)

TimsFord411.com - find businesses in the tims ford lake areaTimsFord411.com - find businesses in the tims ford lake area

If you click on Boat Dealer as example, you'll see the following below.  This shows you 6 results, and each of the results.  If you want to see where each is located on a map, click the map icon (RED ARROW)

The results you'll see have some who have customized their profiles and some businesses who have not.  All profiles have address, phone numbers so you can contact them (and find them on a map if needed)

The below photo shows if you clicked on the map link, if you hover over a map point, it shows you a clickable link who the business is.

  1. 3.  Using the Search Function

    • There's a search bar at the top of the page (RED ARROW).  This allows you to search for any keyword, category, business name, etc.   For example,  you can type in the name of the business or the type of service you are looking for (e.g., 'restaurants', 'hotels', 'plumbers').

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