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Posted 01/02/2023 in Tims Ford Lake Activities

Things to Do in Tullahoma TN

Things to Do in Tullahoma TN

Things to Do in Tullahoma TN

There are many things to do in Tullahoma TN.  And if this list isn't enough, check out all of the....

 Things to Do in the Tims Ford Lake Area or

Things to do in Winchester TN.  

We'll divide things to do in Tullahoma TN into a few different categories:

  • Activities and Hiking
  • Restaurants / Places to Eat
  • Movies
  • Breweries and Distilleries

Things to do in Tullahoma TN - welcome signTullahoma TN Welcome Sign

The History of TullahomaTN begins in the 1850s when it began as a stop of the new train tracks begin developed between Chattanooga and Nashville. Learn more about the History of Tullahoma here.

Things To Do In Tullahoma TN: Activities and Hiking 

There are a multitude of places to visit in Tullahoma TN -- there are many fun things to do in Tullahoma TN with your significant other, friends and / or family.

  • South Jackson Performing Arts Center

    • The South Jackson Performing Arts Center offers a variety of activities. Two of the most prominent is that they offer regular musicals and plays in their auditorium. Also, they have a local history museum. We are fortunate to have these gem as one of the Things to do in Tullahoma TN

    • The historic building was a school house in Tullahoma TN over 100 years ago!

    • Check out their events / calendar page for the most up to date going's on

South Jackson Performing Arts Theater in Tullahoma TNSouth Jackson Performing Arts Theater in Tullahoma TN

  • Tullahoma TN Fine Arts Center

    • The Tullahoma Fine Arts Center houses both a permanent member artists gallery as well as exhibitions.  See their calendar for the current exhibition at the time of your arrival.

Tullahoma Fine Arts Center in Tullahoma TNTullahoma Fine Arts Center in Tullahoma TN

  • Beechcraft Heritage Museum

    • Did you know we have an airplane museum in our back yard?  Yes, one of the cool things to do in Tullahoma TN (if you're an airplane nut -- or just like airplanes) is to visit the Beechcraft Heritage Museum.

    • The airplane museum began life in 1973 as the Staggerwing Museum Foundation and shifted names and a bit of focus to the Beechcraft Heritage Museum in 2007.  They house 30+ aircraft and as well as memorabilia.  They're located adjacent to the Tullahoma TN Airport.

    • From the Beechcraft Museum website, The Beechcraft Heritage Museum is a distinctly original one-of-a-kind, “living and working” aviation museum that traces the lineage of the Beechcraft family of airplanes.

Beechcraft Museum - things to do in Tullahoma TNBeechcraft Museum - things to do in Tullahoma TN
(photo: Beechcraft museum)

  • Hands On Science Center in Tullahoma TN

    • The Hands On Science Center is located on Hwy 55 just outside of downtown Tullahoma TN. And is one of the great things to do in Tullahoma TN for families and kids.

    • From their website, "Nothing is more challenging than finding the right combination of exhibits for our patrons.  We believe we have a variety of exhibits to enhance the creative juices of all our supporters... Young and old!

    • Over 100 Exciting and Entertaining Exhibits That Teaches The Science Behind Concepts Such As: Aerodynamics, Pressure, Sound & Light, Geology, Electricity, Saltwater Reef Fish & Coral,  Space.

    • As of this writing the entrance fee is $7.75 per person but please check the website for operating hours and the most updated fees.

Hands On Science Center - TullahomaHands On Science Center - Tullahoma

  • Tullahoma Bowling Lanes in Tullahoma

From Tullahoma Lanes website:  

Tullahoma Bowling Lanes is a great place to have fun times with family and friends. At Tullahoma Lanes you can have a great time at prices that won’t break your family’s budget. We have plenty of bumper bowling lanes just for kids! Bumpers are great to keep the bowling balls out of the gutters and smiles on the faces of your small children.

We also have our COOL cosmic where you bowl with the lights down – great music turned up and awesome special effects lighting…it looks like a nightclub!  When looking for family fun in Tullahoma look no further than Tullahoma Lanes!

Tullahoma TN Bowling LanesTullahoma TN Bowling Lanes

  • Holiday Landing Marina / Bluegill Grill

    • These are two of the many staples in the area.  Holiday Landing Marina is located on Tims Ford Lake which is a 10,700 acre lake with about 250 miles of shoreline.  You can do a pontoon boat rental on Tims Ford Lake from here if you're interested though make sure to get reservations far in advance during the summer.  

    • The Bluegill Grill is a restaurant at the marina that sits on a covered floating dock on th
      e water. You'll typically see fish and geese looking for food droppings off of the side of the dock.  Even if you're not a boating / lake person the quaint restaurant is one of the fun things to do in Tullahoma TN.

    • The Marina also has boats to rent as well as lake cabins.

      Bluegill Grill Tullahoma
      Bluegill Grill Tullahoma

  • Short Springs Natural Area - Machine Falls in Tullahoma

  • things to do in Tullahoma TN - Machine Falls Hiking
    Things to do in Tullahoma TN - Machine Falls Hiking

  • Rutledge Falls Hiking in Tullahoma

    • The hike to Rutledge Falls isn't as much of a hike as a very short walk. Though there is a short and steep part right before the falls. Rutledge is officially in Manchester, TN though a short drive from Tullahoma TN.

    • Rutledge Falls is on private property though the owners have graciously allowed people to visit.  Parking is on the side of the road.  On a weekend its hard to miss due all of the cars.  

    • A fun thing to do is bring a picnic and some water shoes (shoes that can get wet) to walk into the creek or by the falls.   You can also hike down the river a bit which is also picturesque.

      Tullahoma Hiking - Rutledge Falls
      Tullahoma Hiking - Rutledge Falls

  • Skydiving in Tullahoma TN

    • Yes, you can go skydiving in Tullahoma at the Airport.  One of the unique things to do in Tullahoma TN? Definitely

    • Check out Skydive Tullahoma to learn more about both Tandem jumps as well as jump training.  

    • Also they are often somewhat busy on the weekends ... you can go by the airport and watch people skydive as well.

Things to do in Tullahoma TN - SkydivingThings to do in Tullahoma TN - Skydiving

Splash Island in Tullahoma TN

  • Splash Island is a waterpark in Tullahoma located at the DW Wilson Community Center in Tullahoma. They are open during the summer months and are located in downtown Tullahoma.

There is a small charge to enter.

Things to do in Tullahoma TN -  Waterpark by Tims Ford Lake

Tullahoma Waterpark by Tims Ford Lake

Things to do in Tullahoma TN:  Restaurants

There are 29 restaurants in Tullahoma TN, so listing them would be too long here.  Instead check out our list of the restaurants and places to eat in Tullahoma as well as our article on the finding good places to eat in Tullahoma. One of the things we're always excited to taste are the sweet things. 

We also have an interactive Restaurants in Tullahoma Map to view

Here are a few ....

  • Waters Edge Chocolates

    • When looking for things to do in Tullahoma TN, you may not think of a chocolate shop!  

    • One location which is not a restaurant (for most people) is Waters Edge Chocolates.  

    • A local Tullahoma TN chocolatier, owned by Randy and Ginny, focuses on amazing quality chocolate delicacies.  Make sure to try their chocolate popcorn.  

      things to do in Tullahoma TN - Waters Edge Chocolates.
      Things to do in Tullahoma TN - Waters Edge Chocolates
      (photo: Waters Edge Chocolates)

  • Legacy Creamery in Tullahoma TN

    • Legacy Creamery Ice Cream is an local ice cream shop that makes Gelato.  It is located in an old Coca Cola bottling plant in Tullahoma

    • From their website:  While we are passionate about serving fantastic gelato, our purpose is beyond the creamery.  

      • On Saturday, April 30, 2016 our son Eli passed away in a tragic accident. We created the Eli Grow Legacy Foundation to carry on Eli's vision for high school and college athletics. 100% of the proceeds of Legacy Creamery are donated to the foundation. Whether it's a scoop of gelato from our creamery, our product in your store, or having us at your event, your partnership helps us make Eli's dream a reality.

        Legacy Creamery Ice Cream in Tullahoma
        Legacy Creamery Ice Cream in Tullahoma
        photo: Legacy Creamery Website

Movie Theaters by Tullahoma TN

There are three movie theaters in the area.  One is located in Tullahoma which is the Regal Tullahoma theater.  This is your standard theater.  There is also a Drive in Movie Theater (Montana Drive In Theater)  in Tullahoma and a turn of the century renovated theater in downtown Winchester called the Oldham Theater.

Things to do in Tullahoma TN - visit a Movie Theater Things to do in Tullahoma TN - visit a Movie Theater 

And so we leave you with a great list of places to see and things to do in Tullahoma.  Or if that's not enough, expand the view a bit and look at Things To do in the Tims Ford Lake Area.

Things To Do in Tullahoma TN: Brewery & Distillery 

There are two distilleries / breweries in Tullahoma TN, one bourbon and one beer as one of the interesting things to do in Tullahoma TN

  • George Dickel Bourbon Distillery (aka Cascade Hollow)

    • The George Dickel Distillery opened in 1878 by George Dickel who was a Nashville merchant who entered the Whiskey business.  Tours are given of the distilling process along with tastings of the whiskey.

    • As the George Dickel website discusses their product, "George Dickel preferred whisky made in the winter months more than summer months because he felt it made the whisky taste smoother, so the company began advertising their Geo. A. Dickel’s Cascade Tennessee Whisky as “Mellow as Moonlight.” This is why our whisky is chilled before undergoing the charcoal-mellow filtration known as the Lincoln County Process. This extra step smooths out the flavor and we’re still the only Tennessee distillery to do it."

    • Cascade Hollow Distillery (George Dickel) is located on the outskirts of Tullahoma TN.

    • We recently enjoyed a tour of the George Dickel Distillery and wrote a separate article on it.

  • George Dickel Distillery - things to do in tullahoma tn
    George Dickel Distillery - Things to do in Tullahoma TN
    (photo: George Dickel Distillery)

  • Ole Shed Brewing Company in Tullahoma TN

    • Ole Shed Brewing was created in 2011 by two friends, Mike Thornburg and Mike Ramsey, focused on creating a tasty craft ale. They have quite a few varieties on tap every day. From something relatively light to more hearty. They even have some beers that they age in Whiskey Barrels!

    • All of the beers are made on site at their bar, and brewery in Tullahoma TN. They also have an outside tent where you can listen to live music and sip their brews.

    • From Ole Shed's website:  Here at Ole Shed, we believe in the power of craft beer and its ability to bring people together and positively impact the community in which it's crafted. We use our hearts, heads, and hands in order to make delicious craft beer. Cheers... This Shed's good.

  • Things to in Tullahoma TN, Ole Shed BreweryThings to in Tullahoma TN, Ole Shed Brewery

    Where the magic happens -- at Ole Shed Brewery in Tullahoma TN

    • Where the magic happens -- at Ole Shed Brewery in Tullahoma TN

    Two additional distilleries that are not too far away are the Jack Daniel's distillery in Lynchburg and the Uncle Nearest in Shelbyville.

    What are your favorite things to do in Tullahoma TN?

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