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Things To Do
In The Tims Ford Lake area

Find Things To Do In The Tims Ford Lake Area

The Tims Ford Lake Area Has Something for Everyone

There are Many Things to Do in the  Tims Ford Lake Area and its surrounding towns .  We've put together a list of things to do and see.  Make sure to check out the Tims Ford Lake Area Events Calendar also.  We also have a rainy day activity guide.

To make it easier to find things to do by Tims Ford Lake Area, we've broken many of the items out by city (see below).  Along with a few examples further down.

Things to Do in Winchester Tennessee

Things To Do In Winchester TN

Includes hiking, boating, fishing, golfing, camping, walking around the historic square, tasty restaurants, distillery visit, playground, civil war sites, disc golf, etc.  And of course see the events calendar of our website for even more.  Winchester is centrally located next to Tims Ford Lake and even has a park right on the lake.  Click the link to learn more on things to do in Winchester TN.

Things to do in Tullahoma

Things To Do In Tullahoma TN 

Includes hiking, airplane museum, golfing,  tasty restaurants, distillery visits. See the events calendar of our website for even more. Click the link to learn more on things to do in Tullahoma TN.

Things to do in Lynchburg TN

Things To Do In Lynchburg TN

Lynchburg TN has many things to do but is best known for the Jack Daniels Distillery.  There are historic buildings, restaurants, and souvenir stores.  It is only a short drive from the other cities in the area.

See Below for Tims Ford Lake Area:





Day Trips: away from the Tims Ford Lake Area

Distillery Tours

Hiking in the Tims Ford Lake Area

Tims Ford Lake and the surrounding area has some amazing hiking trails. Some hiking is flat, some is hilly, some is paved and some is dirt. Though the best hikes are on dirt paths. Here are a few of our favorites. Or click here for a full list of hiking trails in the area.

Here are a few examples below:

Tims Ford State Park Hiking

Tims Ford State Park

  • This is one of my favorites not only for hiking but also for biking trails.  Many of the trails go along the lake and have amazing views.

  • Tims Ford State Park has 7 different trails to choose from for all family members.

  • Favorite hike here is the Marble Plains Loop Trail which takes about an hour.

  • There are also many paved paths that you can also take your bike on.

Hiking in Tullahoma - Machine Falls

Machine Falls Loop Trail

  • This is a beautiful hike with an amazing destination.  The parking is quite limited so plan to get there early on a nice day.  Also, a few of the trails can get a bit steep it becomes more difficult to hike there if it is muddy.

  • Machine Loop Falls is in Tullahoma

Boating on Tims Ford Lake

  • Tims Ford Lake is an 10,700 acre lake with approximately  250 miles of shoreline

  • There are a handful of marinas on Tims Ford Lake where you can rent a boat or kayak, and dine on the lake. 

  • If you have your own boat, kayak, paddleboard, then you can lower your craft into the water either at the marina or at one of the many boat ramps for Tims Ford Lake.  If you need a Tims Ford Boat Rental, all the marinas rent boats.

  • See our list of Boat Ramps on TIms Ford Lake to determine the best place to put your boat in the water..

Tims Ford Lake MapTims Ford Lake Map

Camping On and Around Tims Ford Lake

There are many public campgrounds in the Tims Ford Lake area.

Things to do on Tims Ford Lake - camping

Camping on Tims Ford Lake Islands

Islands in Tims Ford Lake to CampIslands to Camp On Tims Ford

Tims Ford State Park Camping Site

Camping on Tims Ford Lake Campgrounds

  • There are a few state campgrounds the border the lake with many camping sites that are lakeside.
  • Again, check out the Tims Ford State Park website for more information and reservations.
  • There's the popular Fairview Devil Step Campground which have many sites which overlook the lake.  Also it is very close to a boat ramp.

Movies in the  Tims Ford Lake Area

  • We're fortunate to have two movie theaters in the Tims Ford Lake Area

Winchester TN Movie Theater

Oldham Theater

  • Located in downtown Winchester on the square, this 70 year old historical movie theater has first run movies. 
  • The Winchester TN movie theater is set on the corner of the downtown Winchester square.  You can easily grab a bite of dinner or pizza, then grab a movie at this historical gem.
  • There are a handful of restaurants on the square as well as a some stores, a bakery, and an arcade.

Montana Drive in Movie Theater

Montana Drive In Movies

  • Montana Drive In Movie Theater is in Estill Springs which is 15 minute drive from Winchester TN.
  • You can watch movies under the stars on one of their three outdoor movie screens.
  • They also serve food, drinks and popcorn.

Distilleries and Breweries By Tims Ford Lake

We all think of Jack Daniels Distillery when the word Whiskey in the area comes up -- but did you know that there are five distilleries by Tims Ford Lake?  and a few breweries as well in the area?  

We've put together details for a Distillery Tour in the area that takes you to four different distilleries including Dickel and Nearest Green Distillery.

George Dickel Whiskey Distillery

George Dickel Whiskey Distillery

The George Dickel Whiskey Distillery is located south of Winchester by about 30 minutes. The unique history of this distillery is similar to that of Jack Daniels.  And, they offer guided tours as well and free live music some evenings on the lawn.   One positive thing is that it is not nearly as crowded as Jack's place.

Day Trips From Tims Ford Lake

We've put together a list of Day Trips you can take from the Tims Ford Lake area for a change of pace.

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