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How to Find a Tims Ford Boat Rental

How to Find a Tims Ford Boat Rental

How to Find a Tims Ford Boat Rental

A Tims Ford boat rental can offer an exciting time for your family and friends on the beautiful Tims Ford Lake.

Tims Ford Lake is a 10,700 acre lake in the south central part of Tennessee.  A short 90 minute drive from Nashville or Chattanooga.

Tims Ford boat rental Tims Ford Boat Rental 

The Tims Ford Lake was created in the early 1970's when the Tennessee Valley Authority dammed up the Elk River to help prevent flooding downstream of the dam as well as creating a nice recreational place for boaters, fisherman, and water lovers.  The Elk River flows down from the north east portion of the lake out of Woods Reservoir.

The Elk River at the time wound its way through farmland and one small city called Awalt which is now burried underwater.  The old Awalt city is close to the current Holiday Landing Marina.

When renting a boat or personal watercraft on Tims Ford Lake, make sure to abide by the Tims Ford Lake regulations to ensure safety of you and your family.

Renting a pontoon boat with a Tims Ford Lake Boat RentalRenting a pontoon boat with a Tims Ford Lake Boat Rental
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What Kind Of Boats Can You Get with a Tims Ford Boat Rental?

**TimsFord411.com may receive compensation if you rent a boat from one of the below boat rental companies**

You can find a Tims Ford Boat Rental at all of the Marinas on the lake.  They rent Pontoon Boats though they also often rent Kayaks and possibly standup paddleboards depending on the Marina.

Non-Marinas Renting Boats

Boat Winchester offers both ski boats and pontoon boats and they will deliver them to your dock if you are renting a home on the lake.  If you are camping:  they can deliver the boat to you at the Fairview Devil's Step Campground.  They typically want 3 day minimum rentals but allow you to keep the boat during that time.

Some marinas require you to return the boat each day -- make sure to ask.

Tims Ford Lake Marinas are below

  • Twin Creeks Marina

    • The Twin Creeks Marina is located on the western side of Tims Ford Lake, very close to Winchester TN. It rents a variety of types of boats including Kayaks, both single and double level (as of this writing) pontoon boats, even have the "Jungle Boat" that has a trampoline, rope swing, diving board, and other fun stuff. Additionally, the marina has Restaurant on the water called "Drafts and Watercrafts". The marina also rents cabins.

  • Holiday Landing Marina

    • The Holiday Landing Marina is located on the western side of Tims Ford Lake and offers a variety of pontoon boat rentals on Tims Ford Lake (as of this writing) including various sizes of party barges (double decker pontoon boats with a slide), along with regularly single deck pontoon boats.  They offer a restaurant floating on the water called Blue Gill Grill and rent some cabins as well.

  • Tims Ford Marina

    • The Tims Ford Marina is located on the western side of the lake as well (though they're about 15 minutes apart or so. They rent pontoon boats in a few different sizes along with party barges. This marina also offers a restaurant called the Hard Dock Cafe. They also rent cabins and have an RV park.

  • Lakeview Marina

    • The Lakeview Marina is located in Tims Ford State Park. They rent pontoon boats, kayaks, and canoes and have a small restaurant as well that serves pizza, hamburgers and ice cream (yes ice cream for those warm days).

To find a "speed boat" on Tims Ford Lake, your best bet is to work with either an individual renting his/her speedboat or use a boat club like the Freedom Boat Club

Wakeboarding on a Tims Ford Boat RentalWakeboarding on a Tims Ford Boat Rental
(photo: stock photo)

Can You Get a Tims Ford Boat Rental with a Boat Club?

A Boat Club generally provides you access to their boats for a monthly fee that you commit to for the season.  Freedom Boat Club is located in the Tims Ford Marina.  And Nautical Boat Club operates out of Twin Creeks Marina.  As of January 2023, they do not publish their prices online.  

Typically they operate similar to a country club where you pay an initial joining fee followed by a monthly fee.  Historically, I have seen prices in the $300 - $500 per month range though I am unsure what they are now.

Where Can You Go in The Lake With A Tims Ford Boat Rental?

The below Tims Ford Lake Map shows the full lake along with the many fingers.  Most of the colored shore line does not have homes but is TVA property or State Park.  We've also written an article on Where to Go With a Tims Ford Boat Rental to learn more.

Tims Ford Lake Map - boat rentalTims Ford Lake Map - boat rental

 You'll find calmer waters by leaving the main central part of the lake, and heading into some of the smaller fingers.  Though some of the smaller fingers, may not be large enough for wakeboarding, they are great to soak in the warm 80+ degree summer waters of the lake.

Are There Alligators in Tims Ford Lake?

Yes, I've heard this question before.  Fortunately, there are no alligators in Tims Ford Lake.

Once you have a boat rental on Tims Ford Lake, enjoy yourself, your family, your friends.  

And Relax.

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