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Winchester TN

Winchester TN

The City of Winchester TN , the county seat of Franklin County TNis centrally located in the heart of Middle Tennessee, just 90 minutes from downtown Nashville, and less than two hours from both the Great Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg.

The city’s small town feel combined with access to all that the area has to offer make Winchester an ideal place to raise a family, get a college education, or retire.

TLDR**:  Winchester TN -- The Quick Overview

Winchester is an 1800's city that has dramatically grown with the establishment of the Tims Ford Lake in the 1970s.  Check out the 39 Winchester TN restaurants, the unique civil war historical area, and phenomenal things to do.  **TLDR means Too Long Didn't Read.  For the younger folks its a brief summary.

Winchester TN Restaurants 


There are a wide breadth of restaurants in the Winchester Square as well as throughout the Winchester area.

Things to Do

From water-based activities, to outdoor activities, Winchester history, restaurants, and loads of fun for everything.  Check out our list of things to do in Winchester TN

Winchester TN

Learn About Winchester TN

Winchester is a beautiful town established in the early 1800's.  Learn more about the growth, the history, and the path forward.

Tims Ford Lake

Tims Ford Lake

The 10,700 acre lake has 250 miles of shoreline and a dam on the western side.  There are 4 Tims Ford Lake Marinas that allow you to rent boats.  There is loads of hiking, biking, water activities.

Looking for an Interactive Map of Winchester TN?  

More Details About Winchester TN

How Big is Winchester TN?

Winchester Tennessee has a population of a bit over 9,000 people. The city of Winchester was established as the county seat for Franklin County in 1809.  The city comprises 11.7 square miles of which 10.7 square miles is land and 1 square mile is water.  The city has many parks and miles of walking trails.  There are a few golf courses and athletic fields as well. 

The Winchester city is on the south eastern side of Tims Ford Lake.   The city is in the 931 area code.

Winchester TN Map

Map of Winchester on Tims Ford Lake

Winchester TN on Tims Ford Lake

The Winchester TN Zip code covers more than the incorporated area of Winchester TN.  

Winchester TN (pink area) comprises the majority of the zip code around Tims Ford Lake.  The other cities (zip codes) include Decherd (yellow), Estill Springs (green zip 37330), and Lynchburg (green zip 37352)

How Did Winchester TN Get Its Name?

The city of Winchester Tennessee is named after General James Winchester.  (b1752-d1826).  He was born in Maryland.  He entered the army during the revolutionary war and eventually migrated to what would become Tennessee in 1785.  He became an officer in the militia and eventually promoted to Brigadier General.  

He eventually built a plantation home outside of Gallatin (north of Nashville) called Cragfront. The city of Winchester TN was named after General Winchester though he never lived in Winchester TN.  Learn about the History of Winchester TN

General James Winchester -- Winchester TN
General James Winchester

Downtown Winchester TN early 1900s
Downtown Winchester TN early 1900s

What is the History Of Winchester TN?

The best way to read about the history of Winchester TN is to read the text on the Winchester TN website. 

The Downtown Winchester TN town square is amazingly historical with most buildings built in the early 1900's.  There are plaques on almost each building explaining the history.   

You can experience downtown Winchester TN by just parking on the square and walking by or in the unique stores.  Make sure to drop by one of the restaurants or the bakery on the square.

Check out our article on historical photos of Winchester TN.

Are There Things to Do in Winchester TN?

There are so many things to see and do in Winchester, TN!  Some of these include:

View of Tims Ford Lake overlooking Devil's Step Island
View of Tims Ford Lake

Tims Ford Lake Fireworks
Tims Ford Lake Fireworks

Winchester TN Hosts Many Events and Festivals in the Area

Winchester Tennessee has a number of festivals and events throughout the year. There are events for every interest and genre, including cultural festivals, arts festivals, wine events and so much more.

See the Tims Ford Lake Events Calendar for the most up to date list.

If you enjoy celebrating special occasions like weddings or anniversaries or simply want to celebrate the big game on your own terms, you can’t go wrong with these Winchester festivals! 

There's nothing better than kick-starting the weekend with a fun event that will get your entire family involved in making memories. From live music concerts to craft fairs and family activities, there's something for everyone in Winchester TN.

Annual Festivals in the area include:

The Outdoors in Winchester TN

Walk around the Winchester Square and check out the historical buildings (and plaques talking about the history of each building), go on a hike, or drive by the civil war era homes and landmarks, visit the turn of the century jail right off of the Square.  Or grab a bite while floating on the water at the Twin Creek's Marina.

The Tims Ford Lake State Park is just a short drive away with hiking trails, biking trails, and a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course.

Find a waterfall or beautiful nature trail on a hiking path in the area.  One of the closest hikes in the Boiling Fork Trail.

Twin Creek's Drafts and Water Crafts Restaurant on Tims Ford Lake
Twin Creek's Drafts and Water Crafts Lakeside Restaurant

Franklin County, TN Courthouse in Winchester Tennessee
Franklin County, TN Courthouse

Winchester is the Franklin County Seat

Winchester TN is the Franklin County seat, which means there’s a lot of government action happening here. In addition to being the center of government for the county, this is also where most of the city’s commercial and industrial taxes are collected. Winchester is also home to many public offices, including the county jail.

The building at the center of the Winchester TN square is the Franklin County courthouse built in 1937 and is the third courthouse for Franklin County, TN. The first two were in the area. The first one was built in 1814 and the second one in 1839.

Winchester TN Weather

Winchester TN weather tends to be a bit more moderate than for those up north.  However, there's a saying that if you don't like the weather one week just wait a week.  

Historical Weather in Winchester TN includes (averages F):

  • Coldest Month:  January - High: 49, Low: 29 
  • Hottest Month:  Tie with July and August
    • High: 87, Low: 65
Tennessee does get strong rain and some severe weather. You can get that at any time, though the month with the highest severe weather is April. December has the highest precipitation (averages) of 5.53 inches and the next is March with 5.23 inches.

Click here for the Winchester TN Weather Radar

Jobs in Winchester TN

Jobs in Winchester TN

There are often many jobs in Winchester TN.  See our listing of jobs in the area.

Finding Healthcare in Winchester TN

Winchester Tennessee has its own hospital and a large number of medical professionals from urgent care, to pediatricians.  From ophthalmologists to cardiologists and more.  There are also many professionals in the sister city of Decherd as well as in Sewanee and Tullahoma.  See our listing of all medical services and healthcare in Winchester TN.

You can search this based on profession and different medical categories that operate in the area.

Winchester TN Medical Services with doctor holding stethoscope

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