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Downtown Winchester TN Map

The Downtown Winchester TN Map

The downtown Winchester TN map dates back past the the turn of the century.  Most of the buildings on the square were built right around 1900 if not before.  The beautiful county courthouse was built in the 1940s after the original 1800's version burnt down.  Today there are a variety of businesses, restaurants and things to do on the downtown Winchester TN Square.  You can also learn more about Winchester TN

As you walk around the downtown Winchester Square, make sure to check out the plaques on each of the buildings showing their heritage.  For example, the building that Walnut Hill Coffee resides in was originally built as a bank in 1901.  

Downtown Winchester TN map square PhotoDowntown Winchester TN Square c 1911 
note dirt roads

Downtown Winchester TN Map


The below downtown Winchester TN map  shows the businesses their locations and profiles showing more details.

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What is on the Winchester TN Map?

The Winchester TN Map of the square shows the retail stores, services, and restaurants on the square.  This includes two lake-type stores showing unique items that are focused around the lake for decorations and gifts, many restaurants including a coffee shop, Mexican, Thai, and American foods, an arcade with video games and table games, clothing stores, sporting goods, a bakery, and more.    One example is the Lake Store in Winchester TN.

The Lake Store on the Winchester TN MapThe Lake Store in Winchester TN

Are Festivals Shown on the Winchester TN Map??

Though festivals are not shown on the Winchester TN Map, you can find local events on the community calendar that has events in the Tims Ford Lake area.  The city does have many festivals throughout the year including High on the Hog barbecue festival, Chocolate Walk, Winchester Wriggles, and more...  Most festivals and initiatives are run by the Downtown Winchester nonprofit group.

Does the Winchester TN Map also show restaurants in the area?

The Winchester TN Map only shows the downtown restaurants.  Check out the Tims Ford Lake area restaurant map that shows an interactive map of all of the restaurants in the area including in Winchester -- and the map is interactive.  This map above does show the restaurants and stores on the square though.

Here's an example of one of the Winchester Square restaurants, Walnut Hill Coffee.   They occupy a 100+ year old building that was originally a bank in 1901.  Changed hands a bit, then became an Italian restaurant, and finally a coffee shop with food.

Walnut Hill Coffee on the Winchester TN MapWalnut Hill Coffee

Does the Winchester TN Map show old buildings?

Yes, the Winchester TN map shows the builds of which most are over 100 years old.  Most of the buildings also have plaques on them showing the history of each building.  An example plaque is shown below that is outside Designer Cakes.    Also the center of the square is the Franklin County Courthouse, which was built in 1937 which replaced the original courthouse that lasted for almost 100 years.  You can see the History of Winchester TN or more information.

Winchester TN Map plaque on the Designer Cakes buildilngPlaque on the outside of Designer Cakes in Winchester TN

Another interesting building just off of the square is the old post office for Winchester which is now the Winchester City Hall.  This building was built in 1914 as the original Winchester Post office.

Winchester TN Map showing the Winchester City HallWinchester TN City Hall built in 1914 originally as the post office

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