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Lynchburg TN Weather Radar

Lynchburg TN Weather Radar

Lynchburg TN along with most of Tennessee can see strong weather throughout the year.  This Lynchburg TN Weather page can help you learn more about the current weather in the Lynchburg TN area.

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Zoomed Out Lynchburg TN Weather Radar Map

(see below for zoomed in weather radar)

These maps are defaulted to rain and thunder but can also be modified by you (the user) to change the presentation. You can zoom in / out, etc.  If you see little streaming dots heading in one direction, those indicate the wind direction.  One map shows a zoomed in version while the second map shows both zoomed out and the weather forecast.

Zoomed In Lynchburg TN Weather Radar Map

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Lynchburg TN Weather Historical Data

Lynchburg TN weather tends to be a bit more moderate than for those up north.  However, there's a saying that if you don't like the weather one week just wait a week.  

Historical Weather in Lynchburg TN includes (averages F):

  • Coldest Month:  January - High: 49, Low: 29 
  • Hottest Month:  Tie with July and August
    • High: 87, Low: 65

Tennessee does get strong rain and some severe weather. You can get that at any time, though the month with the highest severe weather is April. December has the highest precipitation (averages) of 5.53 inches and the next is March with 5.23 inches.

average temperatures in Lynchburg TN weather

Historical Temperatures For Lynchburg TN Weather

Lynchburg TN weather varies somewhat like most cities throughout the year.  The graph on the left shows both the average high and low temperatures of the area

Historical Precipitation in Lynchburg TN

This graph shows the number of days and inches of precipitation by month on average.  For example, in January Lynchburg TN typically sees precipitation on 8 days during the month with an average of 4.6 inches.

Average annual precipitation in Lynchburg TN weather radar

Preparing For Severe Weather in Lynchburg TN

Most of us have lived in Tennessee for a while.  And we're aware of the Lynchburg TN Weather and what it could bring.  For those of you who are newer here are a few things to consider (this data taken from Ready.gov/tornados)

  • Notifications: 

    • Make sure you two ways to get information about severe weather just in case one does not work.  Having a weather radio along with either watching the news or seeing things online is helpful.  Also a wake-me-up application is helpful as well such as StormWatch Plus.

  • Tornado Watch vs Warning:  

    • Know the difference between a Tornado Watch vs Tornado Warning.  A Tornado Warning means immediately take shelter since a Tornado was either reported or indicated on weather radar.  A Tornado Watch means conditions are favorable for weather that can create tornados (severe storms).

  • If There is a Tornado Warning

    • Immediately go to a safe shelter, such as a safe room, basement, storm cellar or a small interior room on the lowest level of a sturdy building.  Stay away from windows, doors, outside walls. 

    • Use your arms to protect your head and neck.

  • Preparing for Severe Weather (and a tornado)

    • Make sure you have shoes, money, cell phone charger and cell phone by your safe shelter area.  Shoes are important as there will be sharp objects on the ground after a tornado hits.

    • Know your area's tornado risk

    • Be aware of incoming weather, and the forecasts.  (pay attention to weather reports)

TimsFord411 uses a 3rd party weather application.  Weather is inherently unclear and difficult to forecast.  Please be sure you are always prepared for any type of severe events yourself.  We make no guarantees or warrantees of the quality of this service.

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