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Templar Shooting Sports Gun Range

Specialty Retail and Services
Tullahoma, Tennessee, 37388

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About Templar Shooting Sports Gun Range

Templar Shooting Sports

Indoor Shooting Range and Gun Store

In a world where responsible gun ownership and proper firearms training are paramount, Templar Shooting Sports stands as a beacon for enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive experience. 

As an indoor gun range, gun store, and training center, Templar Shooting Sports offers a one-stop destination for individuals eager to refine their shooting skills, explore a wide range of firearms, and attain certifications such as concealed carry permits.

With a commitment to safety and a dedication to empowering its customers, Templar Shooting Sports goes beyond being a mere shooting range and gun store. It serves as a trusted institution where novices and experts alike can access world-class facilities, expert guidance, and essential training programs.

State-of-the-Art Indoor Gun Range in Tullahoma

At the heart of Templar Shooting Sports is its state-of-the-art indoor gun range. The range boasts cutting-edge features, ensuring a safe and enjoyable shooting experience for all. From climate-controlled environments to advanced ventilation systems, the range provides optimal conditions regardless of weather or season.

Templar Shooting Sports understands the importance of variety when it comes to firearms. Their indoor range accommodates a wide range of firearms, catering to pistol, rifle, and shotgun enthusiasts. With versatile target systems and spacious shooting bays, shooters can practice and hone their skills with precision.

Templar Shooting Sports Gun Range - insideTemplar Shooting Sports Gun Range

Expert Gun Store and Wide Selection of Firearms

Complementing the shooting range in Tullahoma, Templar Shooting Sports houses a well-stocked gun store, offering an extensive selection of firearms and accessories. From handguns to rifles, shotguns to specialty firearms, they strive to meet the diverse needs and preferences of their customers.

With a team of knowledgeable and experienced staff, Templar Shooting Sports ensures that customers receive expert guidance and personalized recommendations. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a first-time buyer, their staff is committed to helping you make informed decisions and find the perfect firearm to suit your needs.

Gun Store TullahomaWe are a Gun Store in Tullahoma

Inside the Tullahoma Gun StoreInside the Store

Comprehensive Gun Training Programs

Templar Shooting Sports recognizes that responsible gun ownership goes hand in hand with proper training. That's why they offer a comprehensive range of training programs designed to instill safety, proficiency, and confidence in firearm enthusiasts.

Their training programs cover a wide spectrum of skills and certifications. From basic firearms safety courses for beginners to advanced marksmanship training for experienced shooters, Templar Shooting Sports caters to individuals of all skill levels.

Concealed Permit Class in TullahomaConcealed Carry Class in Tullahoma

One of the key highlights of their training offerings is the concealed carry permit program. Templar Shooting Sports provides in-depth instruction on the legal aspects of concealed carry, firearm handling techniques, situational awareness, and conflict resolution strategies. This program equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to carry a concealed firearm responsibly and confidently.

In addition to concealed carry permit training, Templar Shooting Sports offers various certification programs, including NRA-certified courses, defensive shooting training, and specialized workshops led by industry professionals. These courses not only enhance skills but also provide valuable insights into self-defense, personal protection, and responsible firearm usage.

A Commitment to Safety

Safety is the foundation upon which Templar Shooting Sports operates. The range strictly adheres to safety protocols, ensuring a secure environment for all participants. Experienced range officers closely monitor each shooting bay, providing guidance and maintaining a vigilant watch on safety practices.

Templar Shooting Sports emphasizes the importance of responsible gun ownership and promotes a culture of safety and respect. Their instructors emphasize the principles of safe firearm handling, emphasizing the importance of proper grip, sight alignment, and trigger control.

Templar Shooting Sports Indoor RangeTemplar Shooting Sports Indoor Range

Templar Shooting Sports has established itself as a premier destination for firearm enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive and empowering experience. Through their state-of-the-art indoor gun range, well-stocked gun store, and extensive training programs, they provide a platform for individuals to refine their skills, explore a wide range of firearms

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Templar Shooting Sports Gun Range
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