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Branchwater Distillery

Beverage & Food
Winchester, Tennessee, 37398

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Branchwater Distillery: Crafting moonshine with a nod to tradition and a touch of innovation, preserving the legacy of Tennessee's moonshine culture one bottle at a time

About Branchwater Distillery

Branchwater Distillery, located in Winchester, Tennessee, is a family-owned establishment that embraces the rich heritage of moonshine production while embodying the artistry and legality of modern distillation.

Absolutely delicious

Aaron - customer

With deep roots in Tennessee's moonshining culture, the distillery offers a unique experience that combines tradition, innovation, and a commitment to quality.

Bottled Moonshine - Branchwater Distillery in Winchester TNBottled Moonshine - Branchwater Distillery in Winchester TN

Family Heritage of Moonshine

do not miss this place

customer: "pathfinder"

At the heart of Branchwater Distillery in Winchester TN is the legacy of Dave Johnson, the original family moonshiner. Hailing from the small community of Lutts, Tennessee, Dave's moonshine-making expertise was honed over years of dedication. Supported by his wife and family, he earned a reputation for crafting exceptional moonshine. 

Notably, the judge of Florence, Alabama, became his distributor, highlighting the trust and respect placed in Dave's craft. The distillery's foundation is built upon this storied heritage.

Photo of Dave Johnson with his still -- approx 1915Photo of Dave Johnson with his moonshine still -- approx 1915

A New Generation: Bud Kelley's Dream

Continuing the family tradition, Bud Kelley, Dave Johnson's great-grandson, is the driving force behind Branchwater Distillery. Bud, a skilled mechanic, discovered his passion for moonshine distillation while assisting a friend with their own distillery. Inspired by his familial connection to the craft, Bud embarked on a journey to establish his own distillery, facing initial skepticism but eventually obtaining the necessary licenses and approvals. Bud's determination and vision have brought the family legacy into the modern era.

Bud Kelley - Owner of Branchwater Distillery in Winchester TNBud Kelley - Owner of Branchwater Distillery in Winchester TN

Innovation in Moonshine Flavorings

An absolutely hidden gem

customer: Leo

Branchwater Distillery goes beyond traditional moonshine by offering a range of flavorings. The distillery provides customers with concentrated fruit syrups made from real fruits and sugar. These flavorful syrups allow individuals to personalize their moonshine experience, creating unique and enticing combinations. Branchwater Distillery's dedication to quality and authenticity ensures that every flavoring captures the essence of real fruit.

Branchwater Distillery Winchester TN FlavoringsBranchwater Distillery Winchester TN Flavorings

Its Made on Premise

As a testament to the enduring spirit of moonshine production, Branchwater Distillery in Winchester TN blends traditional craftsmanship with modern distilling practices. Bud Kelley and his family's commitment to their craft creates an unforgettable experience for visitors, offering a glimpse into the passion and skill behind every bottle. Just ask to get a tour of the distillation process.  

The distillery strikes a balance between honoring moonshine tradition and embracing the opportunities presented by legal distillation.

Branchwater Distillery Winchester TN StillBranchwater Distillery Winchester TN Still

Google Reviews of Branchwater Distillery

Branchwater Distillery in Winchester TN has 10 reviews of 4.8 / 5.0

  • Aaron:  

    • What an absolute gem. My friend and I are Bourbon enthusiasts, and touring the area to see and sample local distilleries. We stopped here on a lark, it was late in the day and we figured we may as well check out some moonshine.

      Absolutely delicious. I had no idea moonshine of such wonderful taste was possible. The people were incredible (than you Sheila), knowledgeable, and connected historically in a deep and meaningful way. And did I mention how impressed we were with the product? We left with more than we had picked up at any of the whiskey distilleries we had stopped at, and then came back by again 2 days later to pick up even more.'

  • Pathfinder

    • Walked around the Square randomly and found this distillery. absolutely amazing experience.

      If you are ever here, do not miss this place. The history, the architecture, the story behind everything… So worth the stop.

      I wish I had got the first name of the lady that was behind the counter. She was amazing. She imported not only the backstory on the distillery, but it wisdom hard to find these days.

  • Chris

    • I am so happy that downtown Winchester has gotten such an amazing place of business. It’s so amazing to see!

      We stopped in here on our way to the back porch. It was great and super clean. Such a fun place! My husband said the moonshine was the best he’s had and we do a lot of tastings in Gatlinburg! Pond Water and Devil’s Spit were his two favorites.

      The people were sooo nice! I cannot get over how amazing they were! We will definitely come back. I’ve already left with $70+ worth of product lol!

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Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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Branchwater Distillery
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115 2nd Ave NW
Winchester, Tennessee, 37398
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