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Posted 02/21/2023 in Informational

Saving Money In The Tims Ford Lake Area

Saving Money In The Tims Ford Lake Area

Saving Money in the Tims Ford Lake Area

We all like to save money, it lets our dollars go farther.   ** all prices are as of this writing (Feb 2023)

Here are a few ideas to save money on a variety of areas:

Saving on Cable TV

I finally got tired of paying the big C or X lots of money for cable television -- the bill can easily go over $100 per month and I only enjoy a few channels.  I ditched the standard cable TV and got a streaming TV service.  There are a variety of services out there, I've found the best (for me) is YouTubeTV.  

  • YouTubeTV For $65/month I get all of the channels I need.  It just streams over the internet.  This saves me about $60/month and the service is better :)

Tims Ford Lake Saving MoneyTims Ford Lake Saving Money on Cable / TV


If you are categorized as "low income" most internet providers offer a special rate (or possibly free) for internet.  

Saving on Cell Phone Service

With everyone in the family having at least one connected device, the bill can become astronomical on a monthly basis.  Herer are two options to save money with cell services:

  • T-Mobile:  This is a post paid service -- IE you pay after you use the service. 
  • Tello: This is a prepaid service -- IE you pay before you use it.

Cell Phone Providers in Tims Ford LakeCell Phone Providers 

Home Services and Restaurants

Many home services stores (eg Home Depot and Lowes) along with many restaurants offer either AARP discounts or Military Veteran discounts.  

  • AARP:  You can join AARP for $12/year if you are at least 50 yrs old.

Shopping for Food

  • Sales at Kroger can provide great deals on certain food items.

  • Aldi (located in Tullahoma) has regularly very low prices as well

Dental Work

Saving Money on Trash Collection

Some of the incorporated areas include trash pickup in your taxes though some cities don't do it.  You can bring your trash to the County Convenience Centers for Free.

Businesses Offering Discounts to Veterans

Home Depot 
Red Lobster  
Monday only
Who Else?

Businesses Offering Discounts to AARP Members

Are there any?

What other ways can you save money in the area?

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