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Posted 06/04/2023 in Informational

Tims Ford Lake Level

Tims Ford Lake Level

Tims Ford Lake Level Details

Tims Ford Lake Level: A Calculated Ebb and Flow

Tims Ford Lake, a cornerstone in the Tennessee landscape, isn't merely a backdrop for picturesque photos or tranquil afternoon strolls. The Tims Ford Lake Level is a testament to its vital role in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)'s water management strategy. This lake's seasonal Tims Ford Lake Level fluctuations aren't accidents of nature but rather carefully planned adjustments by the TVA.

Tims Ford Lake Level at the DamTims Ford Lake Level at the Dam

The Rationale Behind the Tims Ford Lake Level Changes

The TVA's operating guide provides insights into why the Tims Ford Lake Level is adjusted as it is. Come fall, specifically around October, the Tims Ford Lake Level starts its descent. This deliberate act by the TVA ensures that the reservoir's levels are lowered in preparation for winter and the rain-heavy spring months that follow. 

This method is crucial to handle the significant rainfalls the region experiences. The change between summer and winter levels typically spans a range of 13-15 feet, ensuring ample capacity to manage unexpected heavy rainfalls without risking downstream flooding.  We'll see a low of approximately 773 feet at the lowest point during the winter where we'll see a target of 888 (summer pool) during the summer.  The "Feet" is feet above sea level.

The current Tims Ford Lake Level is:    feet

In the below operating guide graph from 2023 -- it shows how the blue line (2023 actuals) generally follow the tan line -which is the operating guide target.  You will see changes in the line due to rains which could push the guide up or down.

Tims Ford Lake Level Operating Guide GraphTims Ford Lake Level Operating Guide Graph

Recreation and the Tims Ford Lake Level

While adjusting the Tims Ford Lake Water Level is primarily for flood control, the TVA is ever-conscious of the lake's recreational draw. The TVA's hydroelectric page for Tims Ford underlines the importance of balancing the lake's utility with its popularity for boating, fishing, and other activities. As summer rolls in, the Tims Ford Lake Level is raised again, making sure the lake remains a favored spot for both locals and tourists.

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The Tims Ford Lake Water Level Ensures Flood Safety

The dance of the Tims Ford Lake Level is one of precision, balancing safety with recreation. As we admire Tims Ford Lake's serene beauty, it's vital to acknowledge the meticulous planning and strategy behind every rise and fall of its waters

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