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Posted 12/03/2022 in Tims Ford Lake Real Estate

Tims Ford Lake Real Estate

Tims Ford Lake Real Estate

Tims Ford Lake Real Estate  

Homes on Tims Ford Lake began well before TVA dammed up the Elk River in the late 1960's.  With the dam in place, some of the small rural communities had to move and become only distant memories.  The homes and empty land on the ridges and hills looking down into the valleys remained.

Now, Tims Ford Lake is a 10,700 acre lake with over 250 miles of shoreline -- much of which is protected areas, state park, or some way not developable.  This makes Tims Ford Lake Real Estate -- the homes on the lake -- even more desirable.  

Like the New York Post mentioned in an article, "living close to the water is good for your mental health".  Thus the reason why so many people want to live at the lake -- lake real estate is good for your mental health.  The study went on to say that, "those who live less than a mile away from the ocean were 22% less likely to report issues such as depression and anxiety compared to those who live about 30 miles away from the water..."

Tims Ford Lake Real Estate  photo: Dan Zehring

What is the best part of living on Tims Ford Lake?

The best part of living on Tims Ford Lake  is the peace and tranquility. The view of the water, the sound of the birds, and being surrounded by nature are all so calming.

You would love being able to do activities like go boating and fishing. I really enjoy the serenity that comes with living at the lake.  Tims Ford Lake is such a beautiful and relaxing place to live. Think about waking up in the morning and looking out the window to see all the trees, but also see the lake in front of me. 

The peace and serenity of living on the lake is something that I find really appealing. It's a great place to live.

Finding the perfect Tims Ford Lake home

The community, the activities, the location. You  need to find your perfect lake home.  You should find a lake that has something for everyone. Does your lake have a beach?  Does it have a nature trail?  Can you go hiking, biking, or fishing?   What is the lake like when living on its shore?

What kind of lifestyle is available on Tims Ford Lake?

There are a lot of amenities that come with living on Tims Ford Lake.  Do you want a view from all the windows of a house. With a dock and a dip in the water that you can enjoy when it's warm enough outside. If you're looking for a secluded getaway, lakes provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Finding your perfect lake home is easy! 

Another perk of living on a lake is access to all levels of water sports. Lakefront homes offer ample opportunities for boating, fishing, jet skiing and more!  There are tons of ways to enjoy water activities!

Why buying a Tims Ford Lake home can be enjoyable

There are many pros of buying a lake house. You can have the freedom to do and be anything you want. If you want to take your kids out fishing, you can. If you want to spend time in the sun, you can. If you want seclusion and peace, you can find it there too. Not only that, but the property values will increase over time as there is less demand for lake homes since they are so expensive to build on land.

If you're looking to buy your dream home and live on a lake in your lifelong destination, this is definitely an option worth considering!  Check out Tims Ford Lake Real Estate.

Tims Ford Lake Real Estate - lake homes

Tims Ford Lake Real Estate around the lake is absolutely breathtaking.  Most homes are on half acre lots though some have a bit more property.  Since the Tims Ford Lake was built by damming up the Elk River, homes are on the ridges or higher levels adjacent to the lake.  Many homes have steep declines to the lake which require a lift or tram to effectively get up and down the steep hills.  These homes tend to be more on the western side of the lake.  While, on the eastern side the backyards tend to have less of a way to get to the water -- either less steep or less distance.

Much of Tims Ford Lake real estate were built as cottages then expanded and tend to be about 15-30 years old -- though some empty lots of recently been purchased to build newer homes on.  Unfortunately many of these come with the steep backyards.

The price of Tims Ford Real Estate has increased substantially along with demand during the height of COVID along with the rapid increase in growth of the Greater Nashville Area.  

Tims Ford Lake Real Estate Agents

There are almost 100 real estate agents serving Tims Ford Lake Real Estate.  Many of these agents live on or by the Lake and have lived here for many years.  Take your time when choosing the right person to help you by or sell you property. Here are some tips and thoughts when choosing a real estate agent ( excerpt from NerdWallet):

  1. Find agents by looking at reviews and ask family or friends.
  2. Interview at least 3 agents
  3. Will the agent represent my interests -- for example, a dual agent can represent the buyer and the seller.
  4. What kind of training and experience do they have?
  5. Will the agent or assistant work with me?  Some agents use assistants alot.
  6. Broker vs agent:  A broker has more training.

What are your thoughts on Tims Ford Lake Real Estate?

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