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Coffee Shops in the Tims Ford Lake Area

Coffee Shops in the Tims Ford Lake Area

Coffee Shops in The Tims Ford Lake Area  

There are numerous coffee shops in the Tims Ford Lake area. One coffee shop is a national brand, while others are unique to the Tims Ford Lake region. Each with their specialties, personal connections, and delicious viddles.  

Coffee and Espresso (a bit of history):  In the 19th century, coffee was big business in Europe. As inventors sought to improve brews and reduce brewing time, the espresso was born.  Taking making a cup of coffee from 5 minutes or more to just seconds.  In addition to being served alone, espresso is frequently blended, notably with milk – either steamed (without significant foam), wet foamed ("microfoam"), or dry foamed, and with hot water.  

More recently some innovative entrepreneurs decided to add syrups and other tastes to their espresso drinks.  Coffee Shops around the Tims Ford Lake often serve coffee, espresso, and the unique flavors given by syrups.  The rest is history.

Winchester TN and Decherd TN Coffee Shops

There are a handful of locally-owned Winchester TN Coffee Shops and Decherd TN coffee shops.  These coffee shops are both smaller shops focusing on to-go orders and a larger one that allows you to grab a meal, do some work, and relax inside.

CJ's Coffee Barn

CJ's is a Coffee Shop in Winchester TN.  The newest of the coffee shops in the Tims Ford Lake area and very convenient as well to downtown Winchester. Just drive up to the coffee barn and order your coffee or food.  CJ's Coffee Barn is located a block off of the Winchester Square on an easy to get to corner -- you can walk from the square, or drive just down the hill.  The owners Ralph and Kim opened the shop in May 2022 - Kim studied at the Seattle Barista Academy

.  The photo on the right was taken around the Christmas holidays.  CJ's has received 4  5/5 * ratings on Google reviews.

CJ's Coffee BarnPhoto from TNVacation

Classic Cadillac Coffee House

Classic Cadillac Coffee House

The Classic Cadillac Coffee House is a coffee shop in Winchester TN just past the public library and a few blocks off of the Winchester square.  Though primarily a coffee shop, the Classic Cadillac has a multitude of food items to enjoy as well.  There are 24 google reviews with a 4.8/5 star rating.  One reviewer mentioned, "Great place to eat. Staff is very friendly & Ms Peggy is a star cook. "  

UPDATE:  This is temporarily closed

Java Hut Espresso

The Java Hut Espresso is a coffee shop in Decherd TN.  They are a family owned espresso and coffee shop that is drive through. Its been a staple in the area and has 194 Google reviews with an average of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars. One reviewer wrote, "I will drive out of my way to go here! "

Java Hut EspressoPhoto from Java Hut

Walnut Hill Coffee Company

The Walnut Hill Coffee Company coffee shop in Winchester TN is located on the Winchester Square. There's a large sit-down area inside with the walls, being the originals of the building giving it a warm rustic feel.  Not only do they serve coffee drinks but its a breakfast and lunch place as well with a diverse menu from tacos, to salads to paninis.  The ratings on google give them 122 ratings with an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars.  One reviewer mentioned, "Walnut Hill is truly a special place. I’ve been enjoying their coffee since they were a little truck parked outside of Tractor Supply "

Tullahoma Coffee Shops

There are also a handful of local coffee shops in Tullahoma TN.  This includes both larger and smaller coffee shops in the area -- sit down inside and take out.


Is there a Starbucks by Tims Ford Lake? Yes there sure is! This Tullahoma TN Coffee shop is located on 41a (Jackson Street).  The Winchester Starbucks coffee shop is located in the Food Lion on the road to Cowan.  There is also a Starbucks individual building in Tullahoma on 41a.

Sweet Bee Coffee

Sweet Bee Coffee Tullahoma Coffee Shop is a newcomer to the coffee scene in Tullahoma and have created quite a following in a short time.   They serve not only coffee but breakfast and lunch as well.   They've already grown to 19 Google Ratings of 4.4 / 5

Fuel So Good Tullahoma

Fuel So Good Tullahoma Coffee Shop  is a family owned and operated coffee shop serving fair trade coffee. They also serve bakery type goods and meals.  They have 193 Google Reviews of 4.8 / 5.0 .  Sample review of Fuel So Good:  Shelby: "I go here every other week or so. I like to treat myself when I get paid and it’s always worth it."

Coffee Shop in Tullahoma TN Fuel So Good

Lynchburg TN Coffee Shops

Southern Perks Coffee Shop in Lynchburg TN

Southern Perks

The Southern Perks cafe and bistro Lynchburg TN Coffee Shop is located on the Lynchburg TN square. Not only do they sell your favorite caffeinated beverages but also meals.  160 Google reviews and 4.2 / 5 with a sample review: MD: Amazing place - the service is awesome and food is a highlight of the visit in Lynchburg. 

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