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Posted 12/09/2022 in Tims Ford Lake Restaurants

Filos Tavern in Winchester TN

Filos Tavern in Winchester TN

Filo's Tavern in Winchester TN   

A newer restaurant in Winchester TN..... I heard a buzz about the place and had to check it out.  At first when I did a google search for Filo Tavern in Winchester I found a quaint pub located in Winchester.. Though it didn't look quite like a new restaurant (in fact rather old), it had great reviews on TripAdvisor.  #5 of 12 restaurants in Winchester.  The only challenge was that if I was expecting a nice dinner out with my lovely spouse, it would be a long drive as this was located in Winchester, UK.

The correct spelling for the newest restaurant in Winchester, TN is Filo's Tavern

Filo's Tavern has created a new restaurant experience next to the movie theater on the Winchester, TN square - on the shores of Tims Ford Lake.  They opened officially on Nov 15, 2022 as the newest of Restaurants on Tims Ford Lake. The owners own a farm in Franklin TN and the tables in Filo's are built from 100 year old + oak trees from their farm that were pushed over in a tornado that came through a few years back. The Tavern moved in the location that originally used to be Jonny T's BBQ.

Filo's Tavern InsideFilos Tavern Inside 
(photo: Johnnie Thomas)

Who Owns Filos Tavern in Winchester TN?

The owners are Heather and Chef Jim Filo.

Filo's Tavern Owners Chef Jim and Heather FiloFilo's Tavern Owners - Chef Jim and Heather Filo 
(photo: Filo's Tavern)

Where is Filo's Tavern Located in Winchester TN?

Filo's Tavern is located in downtown Winchester TN in the Square, next door to the Oldham Movie Theater

Filo's Tavern on the mapFilo's Tavern location

What types of Food Does Filo's Tavern Have?

Filo's Tavern is an upscale restaurant on Winchester Square with pricing which supports its upscale environment, experience and food quality. The types of food are divided into five different categories: Appetizers, salads, burgers and sandwiches, specialties, steak and prime rib.

  • Appetizers include unique offerings such as "Hipster French Fries" which are french fries tossed with truffle salt, bacon, a few types of cheese, with home made catchup.  ** I should probably just stop here and get a few of these as anything with truffles and bacon must be truly awesome.**  Roasted Parmesan Crusted Cauliflower which is served with buttermilk garlic ranch dipping sauce.  Iron Skillet Steak Meatballs which comes with garlic bread. And more....

  • Salads -- there are 8 different salads on the menu as of this writing.  Salads at Filo's Tavern include the traditional salad, Cesar with choice of protein, Steak Salad that comes with a marinated tenderloin, bleu cheese crumbles, bacon (more bacon!), and vegetables.  Many more salads here.

  • Burgers and Sandwiches at Filo's include seven different options. Many with hamburger but also with Chicken and a "Gangster BLT Sandwich".  The Truckstop Double Stack Burger looked good with carmelized onion, cheese, lettuce, pickles and thousand island dressing.

  • House Specialties include some tasty looking entrees including both southern-style cooking and more gourmet.   These include Blackened Redfish with southern rice, crispy shrimp, with cajun cream sauce, Applewood Smoked PorkchopSeafood Linguini with shrimp and crab topped with creole seasoning in an alfredo sauce. And other tasty looking concoctions

  • Steaks and Prime Rib include many of the standard fair you would expect from an upscale restaurant.  Also including Filo's Tavern Prime Rib Sandwich, steak and others.

What do Local Social Reviewers Say About Filos Tavern?

Looking at the reviews just over the past few weeks for the restaurant, the folks who ate there seemed quite happy.  I see some people continue to call the Winchester Restaurant Filo Tavern .  The 14 Google Reviewers rated it 5.0/5.0 on average.  A few of the quotes I've read around the internet...  Filos Tavern has some good reviews.

  • Lydia:  I’ve eaten there 3 times already and everything has been wonderful!

  • Carrie: We dined with you last night for the first time and I will say that I enjoyed it so much and the food was delicious. Excellent service and we were in and out in about an hour. We are so grateful you chose Winchester as your home! Love Filo’s!!

  • Barbara:  I have eaten there twice...

  • Laurie:  We dined a few days ago - sooo sooooo good! What a cool story about the tables - that’s awesome - they look amazing - love all the decor!

  • I did read a few negative reviews though the positives definitely outweighed them.  I know everyone has different likes / dislikes and expectations for restaurants.  

Have you dined at Filo's Tavern in Winchester?  What do you think?

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