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Restaurants in Winchester TN

Restaurants in Winchester TN

Restaurants in Winchester TN   

There are thirty seven restaurants in Winchester TN.  These restaurants range from fast food to more of an elegant atmosphere and gourmet food and everything in between.  If you're looking for more restaurants, check out Tims Ford Lake Restaurants for even more of a selection.

The history of Winchester TN goes back hundreds of years.  From the Winchester TN website ... Winchester was named in honor of General James Winchester (February 26, 1752 - July 26, 1826), a soldier of the American Revolution, first Speaker of Tennessee Legislature, and a Brigadier General in the War of 1812. General Winchester's influence reached far and wide.  Winchester died in Gallatin, Tennessee at the age of 74 on July 26, 1826. He is buried in Winchester Cemetery at Gallatin.

The city of Winchester, Tennessee, is named in his honor.

Winchester TN has grown quite a bit since then to become the county seat of Franklin County, TN with a beautiful city square surrounded by stores and restaurants.

Mexican Restaurants in Winchester TNDowntown Winchester TN

Are There Mexican Restaurants in Winchester TN?

We are very fortunate to have some good Mexican restaurants in Winchester TN.  There are 14 Mexican restaurants in the Tims Ford Lake area and 6 Mexican restaurants in Winchester TN. The Winchester Mexican restaurants range from food trucks to fast casual, to sit down.  One even has a low priced Mexican food buffet, and many are family run.   

  • Lupitas Tacos -- You can find Lupitas Tacos on the Winchester TN Square for lunch time and sometimes other times.  The friendly owner is there with one other person cooking all sorts of tasty Mexican food.  Typically towards the end of the week she will have homemade tamales.  Check Lupita's Taco Facebook page for updates. 

    This restaurant in Winchester has 19 Google reviews with an average of 5/5. One reviewer said, "By far the best tacos!!! I've had since California. Has such good flavor the meat is tender not fatty or grisly thank goodness cause I am picky when it comes to meat lol. The tortillas are fresh and soft! The salsas are full of flavor. Tamales are moist with a little kick.  Also had an Elotes (mexican corn on cob) one of my obsessions!! Never had it with tajin it actually adds to the flavor. Overall I highly recommend Lupitas 100% wish they would come out once or twice a week to Tullahoma I would definitely be there more often and I think others would enjoy as much as we did!"

  • Los Olivos -- Los Olivos Mexican restaurant in Winchester TN is a friendly family-owned and run fast casual restaurant. Most days during the lunch hour there's a line to order. Many folks are getting it to go while there are quite a few tables to sit down and eat your food as well. Make sure to ask for the chips and homemade salsa. They have a salsa bar there and serve Mexican Coca Cola -- if you haven't had Mexican Coke, give it a try, most people say it tastes much better than what you can find in the states. The food tends to be more authentic Mexican instead of Tex-Mex or Americanized Mexican food. 

    There are 273 ratings on Google with one saying, "Every time I have had the pleasure of eating there, the food has been extraordinary. I have ordered several different items from the menu, and all of them were delicious. I think it is hands down the best restaurant in the entire area."

  • Camino Real Mexican Restaurant -- the Camino Real Mexican Restaurant in Winchester is a bit more Americanized / Tex-Mex though still quite popular in this sit-down restaurant. The ambiance from the entry door to the inside is enjoyable and fun. 

    There are 702 Google reviews with an average rating of 4.1. The first rating I saw said, "I have done fine in and take out here. Camino Real have restaurants in numerous cities close by and I have to say this one beats the ones in Murfreesboro. Their salsa and chips…. Great! The food was so good. I got the chimichanga my husband got enchilada and taco meal. My brother n law loved it!!! Wish I had pictures!!! Staff friendly and courteous."

  • Las Margaritas - the Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant in Winchester is very similar in nature to the other sit-down Mexican restaurants in Winchester TN. It has a nice ambiance when walking in and enjoying a meal. The menu has the typical Mexican fare more closely related to Tex-Mex.  

    There are 813 Google reviews with one rating saying, "The best deals at a Mexican restaurant I've ever seen. The staff treated my elderly grandmother like a queen. The chips and salsa were great. Good music playing. Everything you look for in a Mexican restaurant with the added benefit of great deals and customer service."

  • Taco Bell -- We all know Taco Bell and I would be remiss in not including it here.  

Are There Good Restaurants in Winchester TN?

There are numerous good restaurants in Winchester TN -- the best thing to do is find the type of cuisine you prefer, then search for restaurants in Winchester TN to find the best.  Here's a sampling of good restaurants in Winchester TN based on Google rankings.

  • Drafts and Watercrafts:  278 Google reviews with an average of 4.5 / 5.  This is one of the restaurants on Tims Ford Lake One reviewer said, "Absolutely fantastic place for dining on Tim's Ford Lake a Must Visit Food Destination!! Absolutely excellent and Scotty will help you out if you are a Mule Cup Collector such as myself, Camille and Courtney are fantastic at taking care of the customers, you will not have an empty glass unless you tell them."

  • FIlo's Tavern:  Filo's is located on the Winchester TN Square. They have 166 reviews wth an average of 4.8 / 5. One of the reviewers said, "New to area. The staff was amazing and funny! Met some nice people. DELICIOUS Strawberry Lemon Drops. Steak Egg rolls were fabulous. And the Ranch Dressing was probably the best I've ever had. Cheeseburger was great. We'll definitely be back often!"

    Filos Tavern in Winchester TNFilos Tavern in Winchester TN

  • Holts Diner:  There are 905 Google reviews with an average of 4.6 / 5.  One reviewer said, "Great little diner. Service was friendly and helpful as this was our first visit. The food selection is pretty good and everything we had was delicious. We were in the area doing some sightseeing and moonshine tasting. The place we were going to for lunch was closed so we ended up here. Great happenstance as we all enjoyed our meals and the large portions.  I had the fried chicken which was perfect. My son and his fiancée had burgers that were both juicy and delicious. We will be coming back on purpose the next time we are in the area."

  • Betty's Diner:  There are 89 Google reviews with an average of 4.7 / 5.  One reviewer said, "Hands down one of the best restaurants in Franklin County. We recently moved to Shelbyville, and have to make a trip to Decherd every now and then just to eat here. The food is always amazing, and Miss Betty is as sweet as can be. I would recommend going as soon as she opens at 11am because the food goes FAST, and understandably so. Miss Betty does her best waitressing and putting out the new bins of food in the hot trays. She’s always going nonstop, and that makes me appreciate this diner even more. If you’re going through Decherd or in a surrounding county and want a great home cooked meal at an amazing price, this is definitely the place to go!!"

  • Taqueria Los Olivos:   There are 273 Google reviews with an average of 4.7 / 5.  One reviewer said, "very time I have had the pleasure of eating there, the food has been extraordinary. I have ordered several different items from the menu, and all of them were delicious. I think it is hands down the best restaurant in the entire area."

There are many more delicious restaurants in the Winchester TN area -- you have to find the Gems but there are many out there.  And of course, a restaurant that one person loves may not be your cup of tea.  Everyone has different tastes.

What is your favorite restaurant in Winchester TN?

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