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Franklin County's Own Superman

Franklin County's Own Superman

Franklin County's Own Superman

Have you ever met someone who just amazes you with their kindness, brilliance, and selflessness.  An out of the box thinker.  A humble person.   Someone who after you chat with them, you always leave a better person?     A Clark Kent. 

Anything Worth Doing
Is Worth Over-Doing

Ricky Tipps

I was fortunate enough to chat with Ricky Tipps.  Ricky's local involvement in the area grows its roots deep from owning and operating the local radio station, WCDT, being the managing the director of the Winchester Downtown Corporation --- this is two full time jobs -- as well as the volunteer basketball coach (and mentor) for the local middle school.  

Ricky Tipps of WCDT Radio StationRicky Tipps During Our Chat

The Story Begins in Winchester TN

Ricky grew up in the Winchester, TN Area, next to Tims Ford Lake.    His grandparents lived in Winchester TN also.  His grandfather was a health inspector in the area and would visit the community of Awalt from time to time, taking Ricky's dad, Al "Big Al" Tipps with him.  Fast forward to when Ricky was a young kid, his dad would take him into the lake, and point out different places on the lake -- places that were since burred by the water.  "That's where the old church was" or "we're over Bob's farm".

Ricky attended all levels of school in the Winchester TN area.   As Ricky got older he helped coach basketball for younger kids.  In high school, Ricky worked at he local Oldham Theater working for Beth Rhoton (also a local Superwoman and the current city manager of Winchester, TN), and even helped coach her daughter Montana in basketball.  

Winchester TN Square - Oldham Movie TheaterWinchester TN Square - Oldham Movie Theater

Big Al had worked at radio stations his whole life, beginning when he was at college, then at a handful of Radio Stations in Tennessee and one in Texas.  When Ricky was born, they moved back to Winchester in 1981, and his dad began working at WCDT radio station in Winchester TN.  He was in sales with the station, and eventually began doing the morning show.

After High School in Winchester TN

Ricky graduated from high school, and joined the Army.  During his four years, he was stationed at many different bases around the world.  He got out and began college with the focus on being a school teacher.

While in college he again helped coach basketball teams and eventually moved back to Winchester.

Achieving A Dream

Big Al had always wanted to own a station of his own.  In 2016, the dream became a reality when Ricky partnered with his father to purchase the Winchester Radio station, WCDT.  

Ricky and his Dad,  Al “Big Al” TippsRicky and his Dad,  Al “Big Al” Tipps

Ricky and his Big Al maintained the same format at the radio station as it had been with a local focus, local sports, local news, local everything.  

Its not really just their radio station -- it is ours, Franklin County's .   Its one of the amazing foundations of what makes the OUR Franklin County area so great.

Big Al and Ricky Tipps on WCDT Radio in Winchester TNBig Al and Ricky Tipps on WCDT Radio in Winchester TN

Ricky and Big Al just didn't stop with playing music.  They continued with the theme of giving back.  Announcing local sporting events live on the radio as volunteers, promoting area events and even being part of them or having one of their team members help out as well.

The on-air shows expanded to include:  Crazy Library Ladies, Dr Dave in the afternoons, Swap and Shop, Lauren and Ricky, and a variety of other shows.

Some of the unique shows are below.  The broadcasting is 24/7

WCDT Winchester TN Radio Station
Ricky Tipps Morning Show
Crazy Library Ladies
Happy Hour w Dr Dave

A Focus on Giving Back

Ricky and his father have always given back to the community when they could.  Again, they heard that the local elementary school basketball coach left the school.  Ricky's father and he immediately filled the gap coaching the young kids, helping them learn the sport, teamwork, and provided and additional level of mentorship that many of find valuable.  After three years, they transitioned to the middle school, coaching the girls' team.

Ricky Supporting His Players at a College commitment event
Ricky Supporting His Players at a College commitment event
Ricky presenting an award to one of his players
Ricky Presenting an Award to One of his Players

Two of Ricky's most often used pieces of advice and mentorship -- things he lives by:

Anything worth doing is worth over-doing

Be the person you needed when growing up

Big Al passed in 2022, leaving a legacy -- so much that the city of Winchester has a web page for him.  But it lives on from the great things that he did, and through the great person that Ricky has become.

A New Opportunity Knocks

Downtown Winchester TN -- the Winchester Square area -- is one of the true Gems in the area with opportunity.  The Winchester Downtown Program Corporation was created in 2008 based on a state grant to help growth the businesses in this small area. It has operated as a non-profit with a managing director and a few employees. An opening occurred earlier this year in 2023, and they began taking applications. 

Winchester TN DowntownWinchester TN Downtown

 Montana, once the little girl who Ricky had helped coach in basketball, had since grown up and maintained the great friendship that they created years ago.  Montana nudged Ricky to apply for the role and he did. 

EDITORS NOTE: throughout our conversation Ricky continued to compliment both Beth Rhoton and her daughter Montana.    Montana is the namesake of the Montana Drive-in Movie Theater in Estill Springs, TN as well as runs a ranch raising Scottish Highland Cows in the area. (also two full time jobs -- sound familiar)?

Montana with one of the Scottish Highland Cows She RaisesMontana with one of the Scottish Highland Cows She Raises

Ricky was offered the job and took it.  Now having two full time jobs, and a dedicated volunteering engagement as well. When we began to chat, he mentioned he was only a few weeks into the role, but already had some amazing plans for the area.   

For him, in this role, success means all of the businesses in the local area are thriving.    After our chat, and him sharing some of his early plans, there's no doubt he'll be successful.

Quality is Critical

His focus is doing anything he puts his hands on in a high quality manner, from Radio Stations to Volunteering / Coaching / Mentorship to now also running another organization.

The impact he's created so far has been immense focusing on the community impact.  Ricky's legacy is already known, but the story is not even close to being over.

If you see Ricky, 

say thanks ...
we can never hear that enough

Franklin County is a Better Place With Ricky

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