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Your Questions Answered on Tullahoma TN

Your Questions Answered on Tullahoma TN

Your Questions Answered For Tullahoma TN

We'll answer some of the most popular questions about the city of Tullahoma TN.

What is the Population of Tullahoma TN

The population of Tullahoma TN is estimated to be 20,339 from the 2020 census, that is up almost a thousand from 2019. Tullahoma is located in Coffee County, TN which has a population of almost 60,000 from the 2020 census.

What is the population of Tullahoma TNGovt Census Page for the Population Tullahoma TN

What Time is it In Tullahoma TN?

What Time is it in Tullahoma TN?  Tullahoma TN is in the Central Time Zone.  You need to go a bit more east to enter the Eastern Time Zone.  For example, Chattanooga which is southeast of Tullahoma is in the Eastern Time Zone.

What Time is it In Tullahoma TN?Time Zones:  What Time is it In Tullahoma TN?

What is the Tullahoma TN County?

Tullahoma TN is actually in two different counties.  The majority of Tullahoma is in Coffee County, while a smaller amount of the city is in Franklin County TN.

What is the Median Household Income in Tullahoma TN?

As of 2021, the median income for Tullahoma TN is $52,411 according to the US Census.  This covers the Tullahoma population of 20,335 as of 2020.  It is estimated that the Tullahoma population for 2021 is approximately 20,830.

Where is Tullahoma Tennessee?

Tullahoma Tennessee is located in south central Tennessee not far off of the north south freeway I24.  Here are two maps.  The first map below shows the majority of Tennessee with Nashville at the top (central), Knoxville to the east, and Memphis to the southwest.  Where is Tullahoma Tennessee?  Its at the red dot.

Where is Tullahoma Tennessee?Where is Tullahoma Tennessee?

Zooming further in from the state of Tennessee, you can now see the outline of Tullahoma Tennessee (arrow pointing to it), with Tims Ford Lake to the south.

Where is Tullahoma Tennessee?Where is Tullahoma Tennessee?

Tullahoma Tennessee is one of the five cities that border Tims Ford Lake.

What's the Crime Rate in Tullahoma TN?

The Tullahoma TN recent crime rate is approximately 6.73 per 1,000 people which is very similar to the Tennessee rate of 6.75 per 1,000 people.  The US average is 4 per 1,000 people.  Violent crime includes murder, rape, assault and robbery.  Data Reference

How Long Is The Hike To Machine Falls Tullahoma TN?

Machine Falls in Tullahoma, is an amazingly beautiful hike in Tullahoma. The hike itself is approximately 1.6 miles and is considered a moderate hiking trail. The limited parking to go to machine falls can fill up quickly so its best to get there earlier in the day.

How Long Is The Hike To Machine Falls Tullahoma TN?Machine Falls Tullahoma TN

When Was Tullahoma Established?

Tullahoma TN was founded in 1852 initially as a work camp to help build the new Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad. Twelve years after its founding, it left the Union to become its own free state. Its name is derived from the Choctaw language, and means "red rock".  

Here's an article to learn more about Tullahoma History

When was Tullahoma Established?

Where is the Tullahoma City Schools Calendar?

The Tullahoma City Schools Calendar can be found at this website here.

Are There Things To Do Near Tullahoma TN?  

There are many things to do near Tullahoma TN including visiting tourist attractions such as the George Dickel Distillery, the airplane museum, and wonderful outdoor activities. The activities outdoor near Tullahoma include hiking and boating on Tims Ford Lake.  

Tims Ford Lake - things To Do Near Tullahoma TN?Things To Do Near Tullahoma TN - Tims Ford Lake

How Far Is It From Tullahoma TN to Nashville TN

Without traffic, the drive from Tullahoma TN to Nashville TN is about 90 minutes and approximately 77 miles.  However, rush hour traffic can significantly increase that.  The best thing to do is avoid both morning and evening rush hours to optimize the drive time.

How Far Is It From Tullahoma TN to Nashville TNTullahoma TN to Nashville TN drive

How Far is it From Tullahoma TN to Murfreesboro TN?

The drive from Tullahoma TN to Murfreesboro TN is shorter than from Tullahoma TN to Nashville TN.  This drive is about 50 minutes and 47 miles -- again depending on traffic.  If there is an accident on the road (or even rush hour) it could increase your drive.

How Far is it From Tullahoma TN to Murfreesboro TN?The Drive from Tullahoma TN to Murfreesboro TN

Can I Find a Dentist Tullahoma TN?

Absolutely, right now there are three dental practices in Tullahoma TN.  Check out our article on finding a dentist Tullahoma TN.

Can I Find a Dentist Tullahoma TN?Tullahoma dentist

What is the Tullahoma Weather Like?

Here's a webpage dedicated to the current Tullahoma Weather 

Are There Good Hiking Trails in Tullahoma TN?

There are many hiking trails in and close to Tullahoma TN.  In fact, there are over 600 acres of parks in the city.  One of the most picturesque hiking trails is Machine Falls, where you can go on a short hike to an amazingly picturesque waterfall.  

Machine Falls Hiking Trail TullahomaMachine Falls Hiking Trail Tullahoma

What is Tullahoma Known For?

What is Tullahoma known for?  Tullahoma is known for many things though probably the most impactful is Arnold Air Force Base also known as the Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) which is the largest wind tunnel test complex in the world.  Additionally there's one of the largest non-commercial airports in Tennessee and an amazing aircraft museum right by the airport.

What is the Tullahoma Area Code?

The 931 area code covers the city and surrounding areas.

What other details about Tullahoma TN are there?

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