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The NEW Tims Ford Marina

The NEW Tims Ford Marina

Learning more about the Tims Ford Marina

I walked in to the Tims Ford Marina and was immediately greeted by the friendly, smiling person behind the counter.

 "Welcome, how can I help?"   Becca is the front office manager and epitomized the experience I had with the team the day I dropped by to chat with the new Tims Ford Marina manager, Mike Galgano.   Mike walked out from his office adjacent to the front desk also with a smile, and a handshake.  "good to see you again".

A Unique History: Tims Ford Marina

Tims Ford Lake was completed in 1971, built amongst the rural Tennessee rolling hills and valleys around around the five cities of Lynchburg TN, Tullahoma TNWinchester TN, Decherd, and Estill Springs. It comprises of 10,700 acres of water (about 16 square miles) as well as approximately 250 miles of shoreline.

Tims Ford Lake SunsetTims Ford Lake

The lake created opportunity, reduced flooding, and new recreation opportunities.  Creating one of the best bass fishing areas of middle Tennessee.  And amazing boating.  See the Tims Ford Lake Map for more details.

Tims Ford Marina MapTims Ford Marina Map

The Tims Ford Marina

I was given a nice tour of the Tims Ford Marina area.  The area layout includes docks, RV park, Tims Ford Lake Cabins, and the Hard Dock Café.  They are all located within a short walk of each other.  There's even a park for children to play by the RV Park.

Tims Ford Marina Zoomed InTims Ford Marina Zoomed In

Tims Ford Marina - The History

Tims Ford Marina was born in 1989.  Nestled on quite a bit of acreage on the North Central part of the Tims Ford Lake, the Tims Ford Marina is located on the Anderson Branch of the lake, adjacent to the Tims Ford State Park.   It was the vision of entrepreneur Charles Bondurant.  The marina's creation was shortly followed by building a handful of cabins, an RV Park, and the restaurant over the following 5 years.

Tims Ford Marina Advertisement 1993 Tims Ford Marina Advertisement 1993 
Daily News Journal, 20 June 1993

Mr Bondurant managed the Tims Ford Marina like the patriarch of a close family.  Both visitors and locals alike called this place their home away from home.  Some members of the local community would come daily (or almost daily) to visit, grab a bite, and enjoy the beautiful view.

In 2019, another local gentleman by the name of "Blue" Farrar, with "Blue" being his nickname, purchased the marina and added his own flair to the place.  Adding new colorful paint to the outsides and insides.  Added an outdoor kitchen to help manage demand and serve customers faster, a covered patio and even a Tikki bar on the patio.

Tims Ford Marina Today

A new business then purchased the marina just a bit over a year later.  In 2021, Southern Marina became the new owner.  Along with that, new investment in the Tims Ford Marina.   The newly designed website states, 

Our philosophy is to extend a warm welcome
 and gracious hospitality 
across all touch points of the customer experience

The Tims Ford Lake cabins were fully renovated with new paint, floors, kitchens, and furniture.  

Tims Ford Marina Cabins - insideTims Ford Marina Cabins - inside

While the outside of the Tims Ford Marina cabins maintained their colorful appeal overlooking the water.  Most of the cabins have access to small docks to swim from and enjoy the water at lake level.

Tims Ford Marina Cabins - outside Cabins - outside

And the inside of the Tims Ford Marina restaurant was renovated as well with new paint, floors, and design.  And will have an enhanced menu maintaining both the key staples that locals love as well as some new items that expand the offerings .

Inside Hard Dock Cafe at Tims Ford MarinaInside Hard Dock Cafe at Tims Ford Marina

View of the water from the Hard Dock Cafe colorful picnic benches.  The benches reside under a covered patio.  

Hard Dock Cafe at Tims Ford MarinaHard Dock Cafe at Tims Ford Marina

The Tims Ford Marina General Manager

Along with other updates and renovations, Southern Marinas also brought on an expert Leader to Tims Ford Marina.    Mike Galgano began working at the Marina in early 2023.  His previous experience was focused on food and beverage industry.  But also creating an amazing customer experience for his patrons.  

Throughout our conversation, the customer was at the forefront of everything.  As a business leader myself, I've found that creating a customer centric business is the critical puzzle piece for taking a good business and making it great.

Tims Ford Marina General ManagerTims Ford Marina General Manager Mike Galgano

I asked Mike where his focus has been since he arrived at Tims Ford Marina.  He mentioned he engaged with the many employees as well as regularly talked with and continues to talk with customers. Any enhancements are focused on creating a better experience from an enhanced menu, common branding alignment, customer experience, boating upgrades, etc.  He reiterated, ...

 My key focus 
is on the customer

Mike Galago, Tims Ford Marina

Tims Ford Marina RV Park

I received a tour of the Tims Ford Marina area, showing me the cabins, RV Park, docks, and area.  One interesting note is that the RV Park is in a truly prime spot.  It was mentioned that many of the slots are full. If you're interested make sure to inquire or possibly get on the waiting list.

Tims Ford Marina RV ParkTims Ford Marina RV Park

There's a circular drive around the Tims Ford Marina RV Park.  As we got closer to the water, I snapped a photo.  You can see many of the RVs have amazing views.  Some have even built semi-permanent patios.  One RV had an enclosed patio made of wood.  It actually looked like an extension of a home!

Tims Ford Marina RV Park viewTims Ford Marina RV Park View

Many of the RVs remain at the park all year long taking advantage of turning their RV into an amazing vacation home on the water, or a full time residence by the water on Tims Ford Lake.

The Tims Ford Marina Boat Ramp

The Tims Ford Marina boat ramp is free to use -- something again that supports the customer centricity of the business.  Most other non-public ramps may charge for use. There are also quite a few other boat ramps on Tims Ford Lake to choose from as well. Though this one is right next to a Hard Dock Cafe to grab great food and maybe a beer after boating for the day.

Tims Ford Marina Boat RampTims Ford Marina Boat Ramp

Adjacent to the boat ramp is courtesy parking for boats to come visit the restaurant.  There are quite a few slots for boats to park and enjoy the marina.  You can see the colorful Cabins to rent across the water.  And there's a path that goes from behind the cabins, right onto the courtesy dock (as a shortcut) to the dock or restaurant.

Tims Ford Marina Courtesy DocksTims Ford Marina Courtesy Docks

Boat Rentals at Tims Ford Marina

The Tims Ford Marina has a fleet of pontoon boats to rent to customers.  Rates for boats are lower in off season than on-season.  And less expensive during the week than on the weekend.  This is pretty standard for most boat rentals on Tims Ford Lake.  Freedom boat club also has their boats located here.  Though you must join the club before you can take a boat out -- this is typically a one time joining fee along with monthly fees as well.  The freedom boat club does have waterski boats and pontoon boats.  So if you're looking for boat rentals on Tims Ford Lake, this is one of the marinas that has them.

Pontoon Boat Rental Tims Ford LakePontoon Boat Rental

Tims Ford Marina Live Music and Restaurant

As the weather gets warmer, the Tims Ford Marina Marina has live music weekly outside.  They also have a "Tikki Hut" which is an outdoor bar serving adult beverages.    

The covered overlook pictured below transforms into a "band shell" where live music is performed.  You can see the house boats docked behind the band shell.  The are around 35 or so houseboats -- some people live there all year long while others use it as a temporary lake home.

Tims Ford Marina Band ShellTims Ford Marina Band Shell

What Activities Are There By The Tims Ford Marina?

Outside of the local activities at the marina, there are many Tims Ford Lake Activities to choose from.  A few of these include:

Making Tims Ford Marina Even Better

There's nothing better than hanging out a a place where you feel like you belong.  Good people, good food, casual setting.  A place where customer service takes precedence.  

Over the years, Tims Ford Marina has both stayed the same and grown.  Matured.  Gotten better.  But it still maintains the same local, casual feel that it always has.

In fact, the two previous owners (Mr Bondurant, and Blue Farrar) still drop by weekly if not more often to grab a bite to eat and enjoy the setting.  Mr Bondurant mentioned to Michael, "I feel like part of my soul is here".  And it remains so.

Mikel, the new General Manager, will no doubt do an outstanding job at making this a place to call home away from home.

What Do Others Say About Tims Ford Marina?  

There are 470 Google reviews for Tims Ford Marina with an average rating of 4.6 / 5.0.

Tims Ford Marina ReviewsTims Ford Marina Reviews

Example reviews include:

  • Kenneth D:  This is a great marina with plenty of parking and an easy area to launch your boat. Multi gas pumps and very friendly staff in the office. I didn't try the food offered up, but it looked good and a lot of people were there grabbing a quick bite before going out.

  • Lindsey H: We had such a great time renting pontoons from the Tims Ford Marina over the fourth of July this year. The staff was extremely friendly, the food at the restaurant was great after a long day on the water, and the facilities were clean and up to date.

  • Kerry A:  It was my first time visiting and I really enjoyed it. We ate lunch at the Hard Dock Cafe next to the lake and the marina. It's fairly secluded and a has a great atmosphere to enjoy a meal and also watch TV if you like on the outdoor screen. We also visited the Dam and there's lots of great scenery

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