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Tims Ford Lake Marinas

Tims Ford Lake Marinas

Tims Ford Lake Marinas  

There are four Tims Ford Lake marinas on the lake and a multitude of Tims Ford Lake boat ramps throughout the perimeter of the lake. All marinas on the lake offer boat docks, a restaurant, boat gas, and other services.  

History of the word Marina from Merriam-Webster-- Marina comes straight from Latin, where it means simply "of the sea". At a modern marina, sailors can acquire whatever they need for their next excursion, or they can tie up their boats until the next weekend comes along.

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Tims Ford Lake Marinas for WakeboardingWakeboarding

Where is Tims Ford Lake?

Tims Ford Lake is a large lake in South Central Tennessee built by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) around 1970 which comprises well over 10,000 acres of water. It is surrounded by some lake homes and a great deal of state property, making much of the lake very serene and unbelievably picturesque.  

sunset on tims ford lake photoSunset on Tims Ford Lake

Tims Ford State Park comprises over 3,000 acres of hiking trails (paved and unpaved), biking trails, and some cabins to rent.  The lake dams up the Elk River water coming from Woods Reservoir.   One of the most enjoyable things for many folks who use the Tims Ford Lake for recreation is that it not only has enough area for boating activities such as wake boarding, jet skiing, water skiing and tubing -- it also has numerous fingers to float and relax.  Or use for fishing.

Tims Ford Lake is located close to Tullahoma and Winchester TN . The bordering cities for Tims Ford Lake include Winchester, Estill Springs, Decherd, Tullahoma, and Lynchburg.

Where Are The Tims Ford Lake Marinas?

There are four Tims Ford Lake Marinas. One marina is located on the eastern-most side which is Twin Creeks Marina of the lake while the remainder 3 are located in the central to more western portion of the lake. These are Holiday Landing Marina, Tims Ford Marina, and Lakeview Marina. All of the marinas on Tims Ford Lake have fuel and a boat ramp.

Do the Tims Ford Lake Marinas have Restaurants?

Each of the Marinas on Tims Ford Lake have restaurants though the food types vary quite a bit.  The short term boat parking is somewhat minimal at each of the marinas.  This isn't an issue during the off season but typically during the weekends the slips and restaurants can get crowded.   All of the marinas on the lake close seasonally.  Make sure to check in advance to see if they are open before going there if you are going offseason (typically October - April is offseason).

The Lakeview Marina

The Lakeview Marina is located in Tims Ford State Park and has a small restaurant that serves pizza, hamburgers, and (YUM). Ice Cream. You can sit inside or outside on a few tables overlooking the water and the dock slips.

Ice Cream at Lakeview Marina on Tims Ford LakeIce Cream at Lakeview Marina on Tims Ford Lake

The Holiday Landing Marina

The Holiday Landing Marina has a restaurant called Bluegill Grill and serves a variety of food (both fried and grilled). Though by no means all inclusive, the menu offers food like hamburgers, grilled or fried catfish, tacos, salads, etc. They also serve hushpuppies (yes they're quite good -- if you order make sure to order enough for your table). The Bluegill Grill is open seasonally so make sure to check their hours before arriving.

The Tims Ford Marina

The Tims Ford Marina has a restaurant called the Hard Dock Cafe. The Hard Dock Cafe is open offseason though with more limited hours as of this writing. Of course call in advance to check on the open hours. The types of food that the Hard Dock offers includes Cheeseburgers (their website says its the best in the area), salads, a variety of sandwiches, and pizza. And of course beer. The restaurant is on a small hill overlooking the water.

Twin Creeks Marina

The Twin Creeks Marina has the Drafts and Watercrafts restaurant which is open with limited hours offseason as of this writing.  The food is diverse from dinner entrees to more lunch-type faire.  Food includes grilled fish to hamburgers, quesadillas, pizza, sandwiches, wings, salad, etc.  One interesting item on the menu, which I'm told is their most popular item on the menu is the fried pickle pizza.

Do the Tims Ford Lake Marinas Rent Boats?

Yes, Tims Ford Lake Boat Rentals can be done at the marinas. And the boat rentals can typically be had for both a half day and full day. Rates are higher on the weekends normally than the weekdays.

Lakeview Marina 

The Lakeview Marina rents a variety of boats and lake activates.  This includes pontoon boats, kayaks and paddleboards.  They do recommend reservations in advance to guarantee the availability.

Holiday Landing Marina

The Holiday Landing Marina rents many different types of pontoon boats.  At the time of this writing, they even have some with slides.  Holiday Landing also is a resort and has both cabins to rent and motel rooms to rent.  They are within a short walking distance of the restaurant.

Tims Ford Marina 

The Tims Ford Marina rents pontoon boats.  Also, they have cabins to rent (both one and two bedrooms) and have an RV park.  

Twin Creeks Marina

The Twin Creeks Marina rents pontoon boats and kayaks.  Additionally, they have both and RV Park and waterfront cottages to rent.  Lastly, if you have kiddos, you can rent the Jungle Boat.

The Jungle Boat on Tims Ford LakeRent the The Jungle Boat on Tims Ford Lake

The 4 Tims Ford Marinas offer something for everyone.  

What's your favorite marina?

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