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Posted 01/01/2023 in Tims Ford Lake Services

Are there Tims Ford Lake Cabins?

Are there Tims Ford Lake Cabins?

Are There Tims Ford Lake Cabins?

If you're looking for a place to stay at Tims Ford Lake, Tims Ford Lake Cabins are an option.  Multiple locations have cabins on the lake.  Generally speaking cabins tend to be less expensive than renting a home on the lake.  However, there are probably more homes on the lake available for rental than cabins.

Tims Ford Lake, is a 10,700 acre lake in south central Tennessee with approximately 250 miles of shoreline.

Tims Ford Lake in TNTims Ford Lake in TN

Where Are Tims Ford Lake Cabins?

Tims Ford Lake Cabins are run by most of the Tims Ford marinas, as well as some individuals rent their individual cabins as well on VRBO -- they of course rent homes also.

You'll see these cabins on the populated portions of the lake which is approximately 30% or so.  The other portions of lake tend to be state or TVA property.

Tims Ford Lake Cabins -- Holiday LandingTims Ford Lake Cabins -- Holiday Landing Marina
(photo: Holiday Landing)

Example cabins are like those above which generally sleep one family and overlook the lake.

An interesting place to find Tims Ford Lake Cabins is actually in Tims Ford State Park. They are rustic which really ads to the experience with many of the cabins having a nice water view.  

Tims Ford Lake Cabins at Tims Ford State ParkTims Ford Lake Cabins at Tims Ford State Park

Are Tims Ford Lake Cabins Expensive to Rent?

Of course it always depends on your budget and what you consider expensive.  However, the cost to rent Tims Ford Cabins  can range from approximately $100 to $500+ per night plus tax.  The more amenities generally the more expensive.  

Some cabins include small docks, etc.

Alternatives for staying on a lake cabin include staying in a Tims Ford Lake Hotel which would not be on the water but only a short drive away.

Tims Ford Lake Cabins at Twin Creeks MarinaTims Ford Lake Cabins at Twin Creeks Marina
(photo: Twin Creeks Marina)

The Twin Creeks Cottages are waterfront and also have a dock on the water to use.

Can You Buy Tims Ford Lake Cabins?

Yes there are Cabins on Tims Ford Lake to purchase.  However most affordable homes and cabins on the lake sell quite fast whether it is pre-market or immediately after going on the market.

What Are Things to do Once You've Rented Tims Ford Lake Cabins?

There are many things to do on Tims Ford Lake including renting a boat on Tims Ford Lake, hiking, finding things to do in Winchester TN, or even finding one of the special lake view restaurants on Tims Ford Lake.

But while you're in a Lake Cabin, find time to relax on the lake.  Soak in the warm water which goes over 80 degrees during the summer, enjoy the lapping waves.

If you rent a cabin at Tims Ford State Park, you have a multitude of things to do there at your fingertips -- its a short walk to the marina to rent a boat, or to the Marina restaurant for some ice cream or a pizza.  There a many hiking and biking trails there as well for some exploring.

What is the Difference Between a Lake Cabin and a Lake Home?

Most lake cabins or cottages tend to be a bit smaller generally fitting enough for one family and maybe a few extra kids and generally aren't meant for living in full time.  While a lake home tends to be bigger with more necessities to allow someone to live there full time.  

Many lake cabins or cottages may not have docks while lake home often do have a dock.  There's not a one size fits all as some cottages do have docks as well such as those at twin creeks marina.

Lake cabinLake Cabin or Lake Cottage
(stock photo)

Do Tims Ford Lake Cabins Come with Boats?

Generally speaking both Tims Ford Cabins and Tims Ford Home Rentals do not come with boats.  If you get a cabin, those are often at the Marinas who rent pontoon boats and kayaks.  If you rent a home on the lake, then you can either rent a boat for a week from one of the marinas.  Or there are a few local services that will bring you a boat to use for the week for a fee. 

Learn more about things to do at Tims Ford Lake

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