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Posted 01/02/2023 in Tims Ford Lake Services

The Vanderbilt Tullahoma Hospital

The Vanderbilt Tullahoma Hospital

The Vanderbilt Tullahoma Hospital

Vanderbilt Tullahoma-Harton Hospital, located in Tullahoma, TN, is a significant medical facility that plays a vital role in the healthcare landscape of its region. 

This 135-bed acute-care hospital is part of the Vanderbilt Health community of hospitals and clinics, emphasizing personalized care for patients and their families in the community.

The hospital is nationally recognized for its commitment to safety, having received an “A” Hospital Safety Grade from Leapfrog for its achievements in protecting patients from preventable harm and errors. This recognition is a testament to the hospital's dedication to maintaining the highest standards of patient care and safety.

Vanderbilt Tullahoma Hospital Services

The Vanderbilt Tullahoma Hospital offers a broad spectrum of inpatient and outpatient medical and surgical services. These services include an accredited Chest Pain Center, a 14-bed critical care unit, and comprehensive imaging services, including nuclear medicine. The facility also provides specialized services in labor and delivery, featuring a Level 2 nursery, sleep medicine, orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation, and more.

Vanderbilt Harton Tullahoma HospitalVanderbilt Harton Tullahoma Hospital

Emergency medicine is a key area of focus at the Tullahoma hospital, with a team of experienced Vanderbilt Health emergency physicians and nurses ready to provide high-quality care for a range of acute illnesses, injuries, and conditions. The hospital's commitment to emergency care is critical for the community, ensuring rapid and efficient treatment when it's most needed.

Vanderbilt Tullahoma Harton Hospital Staff

The Vanderbilt Tullahoma Harton Hospital employs approximately 600 staff members and has more than 80 full-time physicians across over 25 specialties. This diverse team of healthcare professionals contributes significantly to the hospital's ability to offer comprehensive care for a variety of medical needs. Moreover, the hospital has undergone $37.7 million in recent facility and service improvements, reflecting its commitment to enhancing healthcare services and facilities for the betterment of patient care.  

The Vanderbilt Tullahoma Hospital Economic Impact

In addition to its healthcare services, Vanderbilt Tullahoma Hospital is a significant contributor to the local economy. Economic impact typically is the result of the business's employment of people, local purchases, building management, etc.  The hospital's economic impact exceeded $41 million in 2021, along with providing $30.4 million in charity and uncompensated care. As one of the community’s largest employers, with a payroll topping $24 million, the hospital plays a crucial role in the local job market and overall economic health.  

The hospital is located in the 931 area code as well.

Vanderbuilt Tullahoma Harton Hospital Additional Details

The Vanderbuilt Tullahoma Harton Hospital  also offers a range of amenities for patients and visitors, including a cafeteria with specific hours for breakfast and lunch, and visiting hours to accommodate family and friends of patients.

Furthermore, Vanderbilt Tullahoma-Harton Hospital is involved in the community through its outpatient clinics and services in Coffee County, showcasing its commitment to extending healthcare access beyond the hospital's walls.

Overall, Vanderbilt Tullahoma-Harton Hospital stands as a beacon of medical excellence and community service in Tullahoma, reflecting the commitment of Vanderbilt Health to provide top-tier medical care while contributing significantly to the local community

**make sure to check out the hospital's website for the most up to date information, its always possible that some may be outdated here.

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