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Posted 12/24/2022 in Tims Ford Lake Activities

Where is Pennington Cave on Tims Ford Lake?

Where is Pennington Cave on Tims Ford Lake?

Where is Pennington Cave on Tims Ford Lake?  

Pennington Cave is one of the countless things to do on Tims Ford Lake. Pennington is a small cave at water level on Tims Ford Lake.  

The only way to get to the cave is by boat or kayak.

 During the summer pool which is 888 feet above sea level on Tims Ford Lake, water enters the cave bottom but the top is still viewable.  When the water level is lower, then you can walk in.

Pennington Cave - Tims Ford LakePennington Cave Entrance

Do Animals Live in Pennington Cave on Tims Ford Lake?

Gray bats have been reported to roost in Pennington Cave on Tims Ford Lake during summer months according to an 2000 Tennessee state analysis.  Spiders do live in Pennington cave as well.

Pennington Cave - gray batsGray bats
I have not seen recent reports of bats though.  Unknown if they still reside there.

Is it Safe to Go into Pennington Cave?

As always, use your judgement before going into any cave (we make no recommendations on whether it is safe or not).  Caves are dark, and you can get trapped or stuck.  With that being said, there are reports that people will take a kayak in during the summer months with a flashlight into the main entrance. 

I haven't spoken to anyone who has gone past the main entrance though I'm sure it has happened.  I have read some articles that before the lake was filled, people had ventured back into the cave which went back miles though I am not sure if it is true or not.

Inside Pennington Cave

The above photo shows the Pennington Cave with water in it likely at summer pool on Tims Ford Lake.

Pennington Cave at low water levelPennington Cave @low water - (Photo: Thomas Liddell)

How To Get To Pennington Cave?

Pennington Cave is located by the Lost Creek Boat Ramp People will put a kayak in by Lost Creek, then paddle to the cave.  AllTrails has a small map showing you the the directions to Pennington Cave here.  All Trails says that it takes about 3 hours out and back for the path and the trip is a bit under 6 miles kayaking.

See the below maps for where Pennington Cave is located on the lake.

Pennington Cave - big mapPennington Cave - big map

A more detailed map of the Pennington Cave location is below.

Pennington Cave smaller mapPennington Cave - smaller map

Enjoy your trip to Pennington Cave.  If its a nice day outside, it makes for a wonderful trip on the water with a fun destination.  As always, be careful entering into any cave -- and do so at your own risk.

Recent Reviews of Pennington Cave on Tims Ford Lake

Looking at social media here's a small sample of reviews for Pennington Cave:

  • Cristi:  Pretty cool place to visit by boat. Water is deep, but be prepared for a ton of fish to annoy you while swimming. They kept going after my freckles lol. Water was beautiful and it was a great place to swim and picnic on the boat. You can swim into the cave quite far. Bring a light.

  • Caleb: Easy kayak ride in over from lost creek boat ramp, cave was traversable by kayak for the first 100 or so yd. Small waterfalls up beyond the cave. Great way to spend a morning!

  • Sandra:  Took the sunset Boat cruise offered by the Tennessee State Park and our tour guide (Park Ranger) brought us here.  It's such a neat place.

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