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Posted 12/13/2022 in Tims Ford Lake Activities

Fairview Devil Step Campground

Fairview Devil Step Campground

Fairview Devil Step Campground 


The Fairview Devil Step Campground is a campground on Tims Ford Lake.  The lake itself has a few different campgrounds around the lake all run by the State of Tennessee Parks system.  Open year-round, Tims Ford has 168 campsites across three areas, (Main, Turkey Creek, and Fairview).  There are also a handful of primitive camping sites on the 6 islands on the lake.

While you care camping there are many other things to do by Tims Ford Lake like renting a boat, hiking and exploring or restaurants.

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Where is the Fairview Devil Step Campground located?

The Fairview Devil Step Campground is located on the eastern side of Tims Ford Lake overlooking the water.  The campground is about 5 minutes from both Twin Creeks Marina and downtown Winchester.

Fairview Devils Step CampgroundTims Ford Lake with 
Fairview Devils Step Campground annotated

You can see how the campground is on the eastern side of the lake, though the drive to some of the other lake features such as the Tims Ford Lake Dam and the Tims Ford Lake State Park are a short drive away.

Can I bring My Boat to Fairview Devil Step Campground?

Yes, in fact many people do the same. The Devils Step boat ramp is very close to the Fairview Devil Step Campground.  There is a cove on either side of the campground where campers moor  their boat during the day though I do not know if that is allowed within the boating regulations for the lake or park.  Please make sure to check.

Fairview Devil Step Campground MapFairview Devil Step Campground Map

Can You Go To The Devil Step Island While Camping at Fairview Devils Step Campground?

Yes, you can when you are at the Fairview Devils Step Campground.  There's a very small dock to drop someone off at the Devils Step Island.  Alternatively, if you have a Kayak, or other small watercraft, its a short ride from the Devils Step ramp to the island.  There's a unprepared path around the island.  

You can also view the small cemetery towards the top of the island that has been there for a few hundred years.  This was one of the only cemeteries in the Tims Ford Lake area that was not relocated since it was located at a higher elevation than the water.

Devil's Step IslandDevil's Step Island

Can I Swim From the Fairview Devil Step Campground?

There are two somewhat protected areas on either side of the Fairview Devil's Step Campground.  These tend not to get too many waves from the boats driving by on the larger part of the lake.  And are easy to get to from the campground.  Also, you can jump in a boat if you have one to travel to one of the numerous protected fingers on Tims Ford Lake to relax, float, and listen to music.

Fairview Devil's Step CampgroundFairview Devil Step Campground

What Things Can You Do While at Fairview Devils Step Campground?

The campground is close to many activities.  Make sure to check out things to do in the Tims Ford Lake area for a longer list.  A few ideas including renting a boat on Tims Ford Lake, hiking on the many hiking trails, visit Tims Ford State Park, go fishing, visit Lynchburg or Tullahoma, etc.

Our favorite is hiking to many of the waterfalls in the area.

Is the Fairview Devil Step Campground Good?

The Fairview Devil's Step Campground has become pretty popular.  Most review sites rate it very highly.  Google reviews has it at 4.6/5 stars and 335 reviews.  

A sample of the reviewers notes:

  • Wes: Really a beautiful campground. Well maintained. Very family friendly. Campsites are decently sized. If you stay on the bay side the water is calm enough for kayaking even by little ones.

  • JR: We were in site #10 (full hook up). Pretty level and a great view of the lake. Had a great time with friends

  • Linda:  Such a beautiful peaceful place. We come here every year.  Restrooms: Great restrooms with really good shower house attached. Good hot strong showers.  Dog-friendliness: Lots of people bring their dogs and stroll around with them. Picnic area: Picnic area with swimming area

Fairview Devils Step CampgroundFairview Devils Step Campground on Tims Ford Lake
Photo: Linda Clanton

One reviewer mentioned that reservations go pretty quickly so anyone wanting a space should reserve as far in advance as they can.

Can You Go Hiking While Staying at the Fairview Devil's Step Campground?

Yes, you can go hiking while staying at the Fairview Devil's Step Campground.  There's a beautiful hiking path that begins from the campground and meanders by the Tims Ford Lake called the Boiling Fork Trail which is part of the Tims Ford State Park hiking trail system.

Bolling Fork Hiking Trail by Fairview Devil's Step CampgroundBoiling Fork Hiking Trail by Fairview Devil's Step Campground

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