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Italian Restaurants in Winchester TN

Italian Restaurants in Winchester TN

Italian Restaurants in Winchester TN

There are only a handful of Italian restaurants in Winchester TN.  This breaks down into 3 pizza restaurants and one more focused Italian restaurant.

Winchester TN is somewhat of a smaller town but there are adjacent towns such as Dechard, Cowan, Sewanee, Tullahoma and Lynchburg TN that all provide additional restaurants at not much more of a drive.  You should be able to find what you are looking for when you're looking for restaurants in Winchester TN though.

Italian Restaurants in Winchester TNItalian Restaurants in Winchester TN

How Many Italian Restaurants in Winchester TN?

There is only one pure Italian Restaurant in Winchester TN. This is Rafael's Italian Restaurant.

Rafael's Italian Restaurant is located in the strip mall portion of the Walmart Shopping center area towards the northern portion of Winchester TN. 

Restaurants in Winchester TN - Rafaels ItalianRestaurants in Winchester TN - Rafael's Italian Restaurant

 Rafael's restaurant offers a variety of Italian specialties including pizza.  They also have spaghetti, hot sub sandwiches, (and Tuna melts which are one of my favorite foods!).  They have lasagna, etc.  Something for everone on the family.  Also, they offer a two for one pizza deal (specifics contact the restaurant).  You have to ask for this though.

Sample online reviews for this restaurant in Winchester TN includes:

  • Jay:  Amazing food great customer service and pleasant.I order the chicken bacon ranch melt. My wife order chefs salad. Which she stated it was one of the best salad she has had.

  • Jet:  Had the house special pizza and it was delicious. Crust was good and every bit had ample toppings! My inlaws have been coming here for years and this was my first time. 2 large pizzas was enough to feed the 6 of us with a slice left over. They have Coca-Cola fountain products, and a lot of other options if you're not in the mood for pizza.

  • Victoria:  My family and I ate here today and the boy working was extremely great. I think he said his name was Andrew but I just wanted to say thank you Andrew for getting my daughter a high chair for her “baby”. This man got my daughter a high chair for her doll. We need more people like him in the work place

How Many Pizza Restaurants In Winchester TN?

There are three Pizza Restaurants in Winchester TN though if you go just next door to Decherd you'll find a few more restaurants.

The Pizza Restaurants in Winchester TN include:

  • Piezan Pizzeria Italiano
  • Domino's Pizza
  • Pizza Hut

I wrote about Piezan Pizzeria Italiano in a separate blog post.  

Restaurants in Winchester TN:  Piezan Pizzeria Italiano

Piezan is a pizza restaurant that definitely also serves other Italian foods as well simliar to Rafael's.  The owner came from New York and created a New York Style pizza restaurant in the Winchester Square.  Piezan has positive online reviews.
  Restaurants in Winchester TN - Piezan Italian Restaurants in Winchester TN: Piezan Pizzeria

A few of the sample reviews include:

Hannah:  What a wonderful experience. The staff was fantastic and the atmosphere was pleasant. I loved the variety of fun pizza flavors mixed with classics.  Would recommend for sure.

Maggie:  We ordered the penne vodka, and a roast beef sub sandwich. Wow, the sandwich was great. The bread was very good and fresh. My husband usually orders the penne vodka, and it was as good as always. We also have had their pizza on many occasions, and we really love the pizza too!! If you live in the area, or are visiting you must try it!!

Amy:  So I was going to wait until I did a review, because we want to try their pizza at a later time, but I have to do a review now! Lol.  This place is amazing. Friendly service. I called in to place my order, and the service was fast. We got the chicken broccoli Alfredo, and my husband got the chicken riggies. We ordered the antipasto salads. And our order came with bread. I’m just going to say that both pasta dishes were delicious. And I don’t usually go for the balsamic vinaigrette type of salad dressings, but theirs was really good! Our total came out to be $40, but believe me when I say, IT IS WORTH IT!  I look forward to ordering that pizza in the future, and I highly recommend this place!

Italian Restaurants in Winchester TN:  Dominos Pizza

The first two restaurants were local restaurants and the next two are national franchises.

Restaurants in Winchester TN - DominosItalian Restaurants in Winchester TN - Dominos

Dominos Pizza has the standard pizza fare that you're used to.  

The local online reviews of Dominos include:

  • Kyle:  Great dominos. Great quality and bang for your buck. You can easily feed a family of 4 for $20.  If you want quality food, fast and for a great value Winchester Dominos is where you should go. Friendly and efficient staff.  Megan is a fantastic General Manager and has really turned this establishment into a great place to order from. Her team has a delivery time of less than 25 minutes since she took over. A years ago it was taking over an hour for delivery and they cut it down to 25 minutes in less than a year

  • Sierra:  Dominos is the only pizza place I really enjoy. They always take the best care of me. They even remember I love oregano on my food! I eat there every week and I plan on keeping on forever. We love dominos!
  • Chris:  The young man behind the counter at 3:44 pm on September 18th, 2022 was super friendly and has excellent service. Should be given a raise. Will come back due to him.

Italian Restaurants in Winchester TN: Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is one of the pizza places I remember growing up with.  This one is located on the main road in Winchester.

Restaurants in Winchester TN - Pizza HutItalian Restaurants in Winchester TN - Pizza Hut

Their local online reviews include:

  • Mark:  We were camping a Twin Creek RV and the night before the heater went out. Got zero sleep, no shower the next day, cause no hot water. Friday, they came out fixed heater. Took hot shower, ordered the best, hot meat-lovers pizza ever from Winchester Pizza hut and was a happy camper. These folks are wonderful!!! Our Pizza Hut in Panama City Beach can't even come close to these folks and their service!!!! Thank YOU!

  • Lee: My order was correct. When we ordered last week it was not good. We never give up after a single bad order (humans make mistakes). Tonight was perfect.

  • Gary:  I haven't been to pizza hut in long time because of food quality. But I finally have them another chance and it was one of the best deep dish pizzas I've had in yrs. Been twice in last 10 days both time it was great

There are many restaurants in Winchester TN.  You have a nice choice of Italian restaurants in Winchester as well.

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