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Posted 01/23/2023 in Tims Ford Lake Activities

Places to Go with a Tims Ford Lake Boat Rental

Places to Go with a Tims Ford Lake Boat Rental

Places to Go with a Tims Ford Lake Boat Rental   

Tims Ford Lake is a picturesque lake in south central Tennessee that was finished in 1972 by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).  The lake itself comprises approximately 250 miles of shoreline and 10,700 acres of water.  It is one of the two dammed reservoirs on the Elk River.  The dam itself has one generator producing electricity for the area.

If you are looking for a boat rental, we have an article about Tims Ford Lake Boat Rentals.

The below sections cover various places to go on Tims Ford Lake in a boat.

Party Cove Tims Ford Lake

Party Cove on Tims Ford Lake is located in the north western side of the lake past the dam. It is adjacent to Bluff Cliffs which is a popular place where people jump off some small "cliffs". (of course use at your own risk).  The weekdays are not nearly as crowded as the weekends when it is warm.

Party Cove Tims Ford LakeParty Cove Tims Ford Lake

To get to Party Cove, from the eastern part of the lake, go past the dam (lower left side of the photo), and go north.  The arrow points to party cove and the Bluff Cliffs.

Tims Ford Lake Dam

Tims Ford Lake Dam has the deepest part of the lake at approximately 150 feet deep.  The dam is located towards the western side of the lake, across from Tims Ford State Park.

Tims Ford Lake DamTims Ford Lake Dam

A photo of the Tims Ford Dam is below taken from the boat ramp that is adjacent to it.

Tims Ford DamTims Ford Dam

Pennington Cave on Tims Ford Lake

Pennington Cave is a unique feature on Tims Ford Lake that is only partially accessible when the water is at Summer Pool (888' above sea level).  When the lake is at Winter Pool (approx 873' above sea level) it is much more accessible.  (of course enter the cave at your own risk).

Here's a photo of Pennington Cave

Pennington Cave on Tims Ford LakePennington Cave on Tims Ford Lake

Tims Ford Lake Marinas

There are four Tims Ford Lake Marinas Each has a restaurant, fuel, cabins on the lake, and a boat ramp.  One of the marinas is located within Tims Ford State Park.  They also offer Tims Ford Lake Boat Rentals.  During the summer months, the docks to park your boat for lunch get crowded during lunchtime.

These Marinas are:

  • Twin Creeks Marina
  • Holiday Landing Marina
  • Lakeview Marina (@ Tims Ford State Park -- also sells ice cream!)
  • Tims Ford Marina

Tims Ford Lake Map Tims Ford Lake Map 

The newest marina is Twin Creeks Marina and is located on the eastern side of the lake while the three other marinas are located on the western side.

Check out the Tims Ford Lake Islands

Before the lake was built, these six "islands" were just hills between the winding Elk River.  Now the islands are a place to visit, walk around, and enjoy the outdoor beauty.  There are no docks on the islands, so you can anchor your boat slightly offshore and swim in the warm waters over.  Or just float around and enjoy the scenery.

All of the islands are managed by the Tims Ford State Park.  You can actually camp on the Tims Ford Lake islands with a reservation.

Devil's Step IslandDevil's Step Island on Tims Ford Lake

Tims Ford Lake Coves

The winding Elk River led to the creation of many coves as Tims Ford Lake filled with water.  These coves provide some respite from the larger waves created by boats passing (and a possibly crowded lake).  There's not just one cove that is the best (outside of Party Cove if that is your preference).  Just find one, float around, and enjoy the outdoor beauty.

Other Things To Do in Tims Ford Lake

Once you're done with a fun day on the lake. There are a multitude of things to do in the Tims Ford Lake area.  There are loads of restaurants in Winchester TN as a starting point.

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