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Questions Answered About Estill Springs TN

Questions Answered About Estill Springs TN

Questions Answered About Estill Springs TN

Estill Springs TN is a small town in Franklin County TN, adjacent to Tims Ford Lake in south central Tennessee. It is approximate 90 minutes south of Nashville, Tennessee.  Surrounding towns include Winchester Tennessee, Tullahoma Tennessee, and Lynchburg Tennessee.

Map of Estill Springs Tennessee

There are two maps here of Estill Springs. The first includes all of Tennessee, you can see the arrow pointing to Estill Springs in the southern central part.  

Estill Springs Tennessee MapEstill Springs Tennessee Map

The second map below shows Estill Springs zoomed in.  The top right corner is Woods Lake which is owned by Arnold Air Force Base.   The lake below Estill Springs is Tims Ford Lake.

Estill Springs Tennessee MapEstill Springs Tennessee Map

What is the History of Estill Springs TN?

Estill Springs Tennessee was originally known as Allisonia.

From Wikipedia, The European-American town dates from circa 1840, when the Frank Estill family, which owned considerable property in the area, donated a right-of-way for railroad construction. The combination of mineral waters, which were much in vogue as a health remedy at the time, and convenient rail access caused the settlement to develop as a small-scale spa town, which took its name from the springs.

Estill Springs Brookview Hotel Estill Springs Brookview Hotel

Downtown Estill Springs c 1910Downtown Estill Springs c 1910

Allisonia as a stop on the railroad below

Estill Springs Tennessee aka Alistonia1852 Advertisement - Allisonia aka Estill Springs Tennessee

Allisonia had "Estill's Springs" but not "Estill Springs" at this point.

The American Civil War lasted between April 12, 1861 – April 9, 1865.  There was fighting around Franklin County, TN .  Below is a newspaper article from 1861 about "Estill's Springs".  Camp Harris was located in Estill Springs along with an 1800's railroad bridge going over Elk River (foundations are still visible) that was used by the army.

Estill Springs Tennessee aka Allisonia1861 - Estill Springs Tennessee aka Allisonia

Can You Get a Tims Ford Boat Rental in Estill Springs?

Unfortunately, there is only a boat ramp to Tims Ford Lake in Estill Springs TN.  To get a Tims Ford Boat Rental, you'll the marinas have pontoon boats but there are also other 3rd party rental businesses as well. 

What is the Estill Springs TN Zip Code?

The Estill Springs TN zip code is 37330.  This covers both the incorporated and unincorporated areas of Estill Springs.

Does Estill Springs Tennessee Have Any Parks?

Yes, Estill Springs has a beautiful park and walking trail.  It is adjacent to part of Tims Ford lake.  During the summer months you'll see people fishing, swimming, and kayaking in this area.  The picturesque gravel walking trail goes back approximately 1/2 mile.

Estill Springs Park and Walking TrailEstill Springs Park and Walking Trail

Are There Homes For Sale in Estill Springs TN?

There are almost always homes for sale in Estill Springs TN.  The best thing to do is to check your favorite online real estate website then connect with a local Tims Ford Lake real estate agent to help out.

How Big is Estill Springs TN?

Estill Springs is approximately 4.5 square miles with 0.25 square miles of that water of Tims Ford Lake.  Downtown Estill Springs includes a veterinarian, doctors office, restaurant, and government services (police, fire department, etc).

What is the Population of Estill Springs TN?

The population of Estill Springs was 2,267 in the 2020 census

Does Estill Springs have a Civil War History?

Yes, Camp Harris which was a training camp for the civil war, was located in Estill Springs.  There is a historical plaque / mile marker on the road providing additional details.

Estill Springs Camp Harris Marker locationEstill Springs Camp Harris Marker location

This area was initially a Confederate States Army (CSA) training camp, later became a heavily fortified CSA camp defending the bridges over the Elk River.

Estill Springs Camp Harris Marker Estill Springs Camp Harris Marker 

The foundation of the mid-1800's railroad bridge that the Confederate Army at Camp Harris was protecting still remains.

Estill Springs Tennessee aka Allisonia railroad bridgeEstill Springs Tennessee aka Allisonia 1800's Railroad Bridge Foundation

What is the Current Weather in Estill Springs TN?

For Estill Springs Weather, See our Estill Springs TN Weather page

What is the Estill Springs area code?

The city is in the 931 area code.

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