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Waters Edge Chocolates: Chocolate Dreams on Water's Edge

Waters Edge Chocolates:  Chocolate Dreams on Water's Edge

There's just something special about home made .. reminiscent of a younger simpler life.  Something that maybe mom made, fresh homemade warm chocolate chip cookies and a cold glass of milk.

Water's Edge Chocolates and Ice Cream in Tullahoma TN

My wife came home from work one day with a gigantic grin,

she was carrying a bag mentioning she had a special treat for us after dinner but it was a surprise.  Given my penchant for sweets (and hers), (especially the sweet and salty types), of course I was eager to check out the bag.  Before I knew it, we had a delicious concoction of popcorn and chocolate staring at us on the table.  No it wasn't the "store bought type" (ugh), but something that looked almost too perfect to eat.

Popcorn and Chocolate at Water's Edge Chocolates in TullahomaPopcorn and Chocolate at Water's Edge Chocolates in Tullahoma

Located in the heart of Tullahoma, Tennessee, Water's Edge Chocolates is more than just a chocolate shop; it's a labor of love and a testament to the power of pursuing one's passions. Randy and Ginny, the owners, have created a haven for chocolate enthusiasts, offering a wide array of delectable treats that leave customers craving more. Their journey into the world of chocolate is an inspiring tale of dedication, community involvement, and the pursuit of exceptional quality.

I had the opportunity to chat with the owners, Randy and Ginny, about their shop.

Randy and Ginny of Water's Edge Chocolates in TullahomaRandy and Ginny of Water's Edge Chocolates in Tullahoma TN

Water's Edge Chocolates: The Sweet Beginnings

Randy and Ginny's love story took them from a long-distance relationship to settling down in Tullahoma TN in 2010. Both driven by their dreams, they began working regular jobs, with Ginny pursuing a career in radiation therapy. However, they both always harbored a dream of owning their own business. 

It was Ginny's prior experience working in a chocolate store in Florida combined with a frustrating challenge that Randy faced that sparked the idea of turning their shared passion into a reality.

Water's Edge Chocolates in Tullahoma early yearsWater's Edge Chocolates in Tullahoma - Just Married

Water's Edge Chocolates: A Journey of Discovery


In 2012, Randy embarked on a mission to find specialty chocolates for Valentine's Day while in Nashville working his then current job. Frustrated by the lack of options, he realized that there might be an untapped business opportunity in creating his own unique chocolates. With their entrepreneurial spirit ignited, Randy and Ginny established Water's Edge Chocolates in November 2012 in Tullahoma, two years after their marriage.

Inside Water's Edge Chocolates in Tullahoma Inside Water's Edge Chocolates in Tullahoma 

Water's Edge Chocolates:  From Humble Beginnings

Initially, the couple started their venture from their own home, exploring different avenues to sell their creations. They obtained certification from a domestic kitchen program, which allowed them to sell their chocolates. Craft shows, farmers markets, and vendor shows became their platforms for introducing their products to the community while in parallel holding full time jobs. Through their dedication and generous distribution of samples, word quickly spread about the exceptional quality of Water's Edge Chocolates.

The couple's involvement with the Tullahoma community played a significant role in shaping their business. Attending CrossFit classes at a local gym led to friendships and connections that helped fuel the growth of their chocolate enterprise. Their willingness to collaborate and share their creations with friends and local businesses further enhanced their reputation.

Waters Edge Chocolates and Ice Cream - Tullahoma TNWaters Edge Chocolates and Ice Cream - Tullahoma TN

Water's Edge Chocolates Tullahoma:  The Creation of the Store

In 2014, Randy's father purchased an old building occupied by a florist which needed slight modifications to work out for a new store.    The pair worked on the modifications while selling chocolate at the Nortgate Mall (the mall is the building that JCPenny and Publix now occupy).  Often seeing a long line waiting for the delicious concoctions.   

In December 2015, after the renovations were completed, Randy and Ginny opened their new store . The response was overwhelming. 

The machinery they use to coat chocolates and make popcorn.

Water's Edge Chocolates Tullahoma:  Diversification and Expansion - Ice Cream

 As their business flourished, Randy and Ginny seized opportunities to expand their offerings. In 2018, they made the decision to add high-quality ice cream to their Water's Edge Chocolates Tullahoma offerings. Initially sourcing it from Louisville, Kentucky, they eventually began making their own ice cream in early 2023, ensuring that the same level of care and craftsmanship went into every scoop.

There are only a handful of custom ice cream stores in Tullahoma -- but theirs serves chocolate as well!

Water's Edge Chocolates Ice Cream - Tullahoma TNWater's Edge Chocolates Ice Cream - Tullahoma TN

Water's Edge Chocolates: Crafting an Artisanal Experience


The Expertise at Water's Edge Chocolates lies in sourcing premium chocolate and blending it to create their signature flavors and unique creations.  They employ skilled chocolatiers who experiment with different ingredients, seeking to enhance the chocolate experience. Each bite reveals a harmonious balance of flavors, allowing customers to savor every moment.

Water's Edge Chocolates - Mothers DayWater's Edge Chocolates - Mothers Day

Windows are open to the kitchen where they craft the delicacies, so you can see they do really make everything right on site.

Making the Chocolates in TullahomaMaking the Chocolates in Tullahoma

Looking ahead, Randy and Ginny envision Water's Edge Chocolates evolving into a community gathering place, where people can come together and create lasting memories while indulging in remarkable chocolate creations.

Water's Edge Chocolates:  Favorites and Passion for Quality


When asked about their personal favorites at Water's Edge Chocolates, Ginny highlights the irresistible combination of chocolate popcorn and the rich flavors of their ice cream, particularly the Brownie Deliciousness and Cookie Monster. Meanwhile, Randy's fondest childhood memories inspired his favorite chocolate treat, Krispie Bites, reminiscent of the moments he shared with his sister while enjoying homemade rice crispy treats. 

For both Randy and Ginny, the pursuit of remarkable products and unparalleled quality remains at the core of their business.

Waters Edge Chocolates stands as a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. Randy and Ginny's dedication to creating exceptional chocolates has not only delighted their community but has also become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. Through their involvement with the Tullahoma community and their commitment to crafting remarkable chocolate experiences, Water's Edge Chocolates has become a beloved destination for chocolate lovers near and far.

Inside sitting area to enjoy chocolate and ice cream in TullahomaInside sitting area to enjoy chocolate and ice cream

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