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Posted 05/30/2023 in Tims Ford Lake Restaurants

Whiskey Waffle Restaurant: A Lynchburg Landmark with a Side of Sweetness

Whiskey Waffle Restaurant: A Lynchburg Landmark with a Side of Sweetness

In the heart of Lynchburg, Tennessee, one of the Lynchburg TN restaurants has been steadily capturing hearts (and bellies). 

Whiskey Waffle Restaurant, established on the picturesque Lynchburg TN square is a standout among Lynchburg TN restaurants, serving an exciting menu centered around a beloved breakfast food: waffles. 

Since it first opened in 2022, this innovative venture has been delighting locals and tourists alike. The driving force behind this unique concept is the dedicated couple, Jacob and Rebecca Cooper.

Jacob and Rebecca @ the Whiskey Waffle TrailerJacob and Rebecca @ the Whiskey Waffle Trailer

EDITORS NOTE:  I figured I'd found an amazing place when my wife and I went there (waffles are awesome!) and ordered the ice cream and cinnamon bun cup.  After having one taste, it was quickly devoured by both of us.  Probably the most amazing dessert I'd ever had.

Building a Dream: The Founding of a Unique Lynchburg TN Restaurant

Rebecca, who grew up in both Bakerstown (a suburb of Lynchburg TN) and Tullahoma, and Jacob, a native of Tullahoma, have always been passionate about food and the idea of entrepreneurship.  She spent her earlier years working at many of the local Lynchburg TN restaurants.  

Lynchburg TNLynchburg TN

Their journey to owning one of the innovative Lynchburg TN restaurants began with a simple, creative spark. Inspired by a TikTok video featuring waffles, Rebecca envisioned a unique dining establishment that would hold its own on the Lynchburg square and elevate the classic breakfast staple to new heights of culinary creativity.

Their entrepreneurial adventure began for this young entrepreneur in her late 20's with an investment of $5,000 in a catering trailer, setting the stage for their mobile restaurant operations. The trailer was equipped with a few tables and a sink, providing a humble but functional space to start.  A waffle maker was their next investment to allow the chef to develop and perfect the recipes.

Whiskey Waffle Trailer - Lynchburg TNWhiskey Waffle Trailer - Lynchburg TN

Securing a coveted spot on the Lynchburg square posed a significant challenge. However, when one door closes, another opens. The couple lucked into a rare opportunity when a paranormal tour operator's lease was nearing its end. Displaying keen business acumen, the Coopers negotiated with the landlord and managed to secure a year's lease.  Thus, their place among Lynchburg TN restaurants was established.

Creating the Whiskey Waffle Experience: A Lynchburg TN Restaurant Like No Other

Upon opening their doors in August 2022, Whiskey Waffle Restaurant quickly marked its place among Lynchburg TN restaurants. The demand for their creative culinary offerings far exceeded their initial expectations. On their first day, they sold out in just two hours. Undeterred by the overwhelming response, they quickly regrouped, restocked, and sold more. 

The trailer is a family business with Rebecca and her sister Rachel working at the trailer, and Jacob helps out as needed when he is not working with Jack.

Rachel - Rebecca's sisterRachel - Rebecca's sister

Today, this Lynchburg TN restaurant has established its presence in the community and operates seven days a week.  How did they get their name?   Jack Daniels is right next door.

Egg, Bacon Cheese Waffle Sandwich
Egg, Bacon Cheese 
Waffle Sandwich
Waffle Ice Cream Cup
Waffle & Ice Cream Cup
Home Made Soup
Home Made Soup

The food served at Whiskey Waffle is as unique as its origin story. Their menu caters to a broad spectrum of palates, and their imaginative waffle-based creations are a testament to their dedication to culinary innovation. Among the crowd favorites are the bacon, egg, and cheese waffle and the "chicken and waffles". These dishes, along with several others, have carved out a special place for Whiskey Waffle among Lynchburg TN restaurants.

They serve Breakfast and Lunch foods along with tantalizing desserts!  

The Beer Garden: A New Experience in Lynchburg TN

Taking their culinary venture a step further, the Coopers expanded their business in March 2023 with the opening of a beer garden. This addition, which is adjacent to their food trailer, has added a unique charm to their establishment, setting it apart from other Lynchburg TN restaurants. What was once a carriage house and later a spot for selling candles has now transformed into a beer garden.

Whiskey Waffle Beer Garden - Lynchburg TNWhiskey Waffle Beer Garden - Lynchburg TN

Despite initial challenges in obtaining the necessary permits, the Coopers' dedication and resilience saw them through. Today, they serve a variety of beers and seltzers in cans or bottles. The beer garden is a testament to their entrepreneurial spirit and a much-loved addition to the Lynchburg TN restaurants landscape.

Community-Centric: The Lynchburg TN Restaurant that Cherishes Its Roots

The success of Whiskey Waffle Restaurant is a testimony to the Coopers' love for their community, perseverance, and their passion for food. Today, their dream of owning one of the unique Lynchburg TN restaurants has not only come true but has exceeded their expectations.

They envision their future growth in the form of transitioning from their humble trailer setup to a brick-and-mortar establishment. Until then, they continue to provide exceptional service, delicious waffles, and a unique dining experience to their community and beyond.

Their most loyal customer?   A local dog named Buddy the Beagle. He's known to stroll around town, visiting Jack Daniel's and the local creek, before making his stop at Whiskey Waffle for his favorite chicken nugget.  YES, he come by each day, stands in front of the window until he gets his nugget.  And continues to make his rounds to say hello to all of his friends each day.  Until the next day when he begins again.

Buddy the Beagle - Lynchburg TNBuddy the Beagle - Lynchburg TN

How far do people come to enjoy these tasty treats?  They have loyal customers who drive for an hour just to dine!

As the journey of Whiskey Waffle Restaurant continues, it stands as a testament to the potential and vitality of Lynchburg TN restaurants. If you find yourself in Lynchburg, be sure to visit this extraordinary establishment for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Rebecca and her new Waffle TrailerRebecca and her new Waffle Trailer

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